What did you think of the two Twilight movies?

I hate it when people just say, “I hate it!” “Twilight is gay!” and they don’t give a good reason AND they don’t even read the saga or see the movies. I want an honest opinion of what you thought of Twilight and New Moon.

Answer #1

Bottom line - Twilight SUCKS. It’s massively over-rated and is an INSULT to any/all vampire books/movies ever made. Vampires aren’t supposed to sparkle and look all gay like they do in Twilight. Don’t give people sh*t if they hate Twilight. No one really has to give a reason as to why they hate it, but I can think of one good reason I’m sure ALL fellow Twilight haters will agree on - we hate it because it sucks. There’s nothing good about it whatsoever. Even if you haven’t read the books/seen the movies - just looking at the advertisments and seeing previews is enough to prove it’s gay and not worth seeing. If someone likes Twilight, whatever… that’s cool, I mean we all like different stuff. But don’t make a big deal over someone else not liking it. You probably won’t like my comment on this question, but I really don’t care. You asked for people’s honest opinions as to what they thought of Twilight, and this is my opinion.

Answer #2

You WERE making a big deal… I was just stating my opinion. Bottom line only GAYPIRES sparkle, NOT vampires. True they’re mythical… but still. A vampire that sparkles is just wrong.

Answer #3

people that say twilight is gay is cause they’ve nvr read the books or seen da movie like my friend wud always say she hated twilight but den she saw the movie and she said it was pretty gud.

Answer #4

I love the Twilight movies. The first Twilight was okay but New Moon was very good. I never read the books but I do like the movies. I think the movies have good acting and a great cast and I hate it too when people say they hate it and don’t give a good reason.

Answer #5

I read the books they were amazing and I whatched twilight made me mad nothing like the books new moon loved all but the end which pi$$ed me off because he … and bam credits but it was awesome cause taylor launtner was shirtless lol

Answer #6

I loved the books and the movie I just hate when the girls scream and chase the guy who plays edward and jacob. I don’t get why they do that. But I’m a huge fan of twilight.

Answer #7

People are annoyed (whether they’ve seen it or not) about the Twilight Saga first of all because Girls cry and scream over edward and Jacob and the fact that movie critics and fans are making it into a BIG thing.

I mostly don’t care for the story line, but I am crazy for the Photography and Fantasy.

Answer #8

I loved both movies. I think the first one went a little slow.. but still loved it. The New Moon was absolutely awesome. They definitely picked up the pace. Very good. I love the romance :)

Answer #9

I love the twilight movies! I dont read the books though, only cause I dont like to read that much. But yea I hate when people say that to.

Answer #10

~To Parade~Who said vampires had to sleep in coffins and live in Translyvania? Who said they have to sparkle and drink animal blood instead? They are MYTHICAL!! The storyline was great and I’m not giving people sh*t, I was just saying that they should have a good reason why they should hate it which is TRUE for all things. And BTW I wasn’t making a big deal, you were. Have a nice day :D

Answer #11

I absolutely loved the books, but I hated the first movie. It was nothing like the book. I can name on one hand the scenes that I liked in that movie: The baseball game scene, the scene where he takes here up in the tree to see the view, and the ballet studio scene. New Moon however, I absolutely loved! It was just the way I thought it should be. I thought that it was done beautifully. The wolves looked AWESOME!!! And the nightmare scenes are just how they were supposed to be. It was great.

Answer #12

Twilight the book was really good but the movie was okay. It wasn’t really like the book much at all. But the book to New Moon and the Movie were almost exact & it was amazing. The movie was basically just how I imagined it while reading the book. I bawled like a baby in the part of the movie that the book just made me shed like, one tear about. The movie really sets it to life. Its good.

Answer #13

havent seen the 2nd but the1st was crap

how dare hollywood change the classic vampire film and let them walk in the day

maybe im old fasioned but changing a classic way vampires roam is really bad

the acting was atrocious, bad, corrupt, damnable, foul, hellish, horrible, immoral, infernal, nefarious, sinful, sinister and vile

the scenes were dull and lifeless… kind of like the unreal engine used for unreal tournament 3, vegas 2 etc etc

too much ghey… I mean grey

yup… didnt like the film at all

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