What could i do to improve my appearance?

I think im cute but I think theres probably stuff I could do to look better.

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get a cute hairstyle, girls love guys with good hair
facial hair is not good, unless your one of those people who look good with a slight mustache like orlando bloom, but dont try the goatee thing like he did, it looks weird

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u could wear eyeliner and mascara those things really help improve my everyday appearance. you could also try a new hairstyle that you like or get a cute haircut

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that famousxbabii is dumb!! you dont need nice brand clothes to look cute you gold digger!! just be clean..get a hair cut..just be cool and nice dont be a dick because that is UGLY!!!

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um, his profile says he is MALE, so I wouldn't really advise him to wear mascara ;)

just you know, make sure you keep a "clean" appearance...if you already have facial hair growing, make sure to shave it when necessary and keep your other hair trimmed and neat and combed and wear clothes that aren't wrinkled/dirty and make sure you have "nice shoes"...for some odd reason women always seem to think if a guy has nasty shoes that he isn't worth it LOL

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There is nothing more sexier than confidence! The rest will fit in to its place.

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appear smart,am a lady and I like that

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be confident!

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