What: can I loose weight by skipping lunch everyday???

I am so sick and tired of my dad picking on me everytime I eat. Its not fair. He’s been doing this since I was little. So many people tell me I’m so lucky for being as petit and skinny as I am but he makes me feel so fat. And im sick and tired of it. If I was skinnier he would stop bothering me so I really want to be. I just want him to be proud of me and accept me. Dont tell me this is a stupid idea cause I just want to be skinnier. Would this help???

Answer #1

When you skip meals you mess up your metabolism ( that balances the calories ou take in when you eat) and it can start to store the fatter calories and for the time that you do skip meals you may loose weight but the second you try to start eating regularly you will gain the weight back much faster and much heavier. Dieting is alright as long as you dont take it over board and keep eating the correct amout of all the foods in the pyramid. Excersize is always the best, but to do that you need energy and the best energy for your body is food. So overall skipping lunch won’t do you much good it will end up making you easily agitated during school because your hungry haha

And maybe you should try talking to your dad about how that makes you feel. I know that sounds cliche’ but sometimes a good old fashioned talk with someone can solve SO many problems. He might have no clue that its hurting your feelings like that. He may think its just some old inside joke yall have from way back when. You know? Maybe just talk to him? It couldn’t hurt anything!

Answer #2

Can you? yes Is it healthy? no

Your skinny and that is that, so your dad is making you feel fat. I think your old enuff to realize your not, and to look into the mirrow and tell yourself you are not fat.

Answer #3

Don’t starve yourself just b/c he tells you you are fat.Tell him how he is making you feel.I bet it hurts and fusturating,doesn’t it?Hope I helped!=D

Answer #4

You can’t please everyone. And who’s to say when/if you lose the weight that he’ll stop with his annoying and frustrating comments. Like the poster above said, you’ll only lose a bit and then it’ll come right back. How about you just try toning your muscles and get some definition on your body. Please don’t starve yourself.

Answer #5

Are you skinny yeah, don’t try to be thinner. I’m very thin actually and I like it I dont really care of other people’s opinion as long as I’m happy and HEALTHY. If it really bugs you that your dad is calling you things maybe you should tell him to stop. and just remember whatever body god gave you, be happy. Some people may want to lose weight or gain weight and there’s always a healthy way to do it, I recommend going to a doctors and he’ll know what to tell you, but dont skip your lunch :]

Answer #6

well, it is stupid yes if your already thin, why risk your health and your life to please your dissolusional dad if he doesnt accept you as you are, what kind of farther is he? no, skipping lunch wont really make you loose weight yes, youll looose a bit but then youll gain everything back and then some any time you put food in your mouth, because your body needs food and if it finds out your sarving yourself, anything else you eat goes on as fat so starving yourself does NOT work see a doctor and get your bmi calculated for your height and age if your in the healty weight ange, they will tell youdont be stupud and starve yourself when you have no weight to loose and if your healthy and your dad still teases you, thats emotional abuse so tell soemone about it

Answer #7

Sounds like your Dad has some issues with his own lack of self esteem-and he,s what is known as “projecting”his unhappiness on you. Please don,t mention this to him-he probably would become angrier and more abusive. Generally speaking-a person who judges other,s harshly-are being abusive. He most likely won,t change,but you can change your additude, by your not reacting to what he say,s, and definitely not “buying into his craziness!”. He needs you to feel upset about what he say,s-makes himself feel powerful! very sad that any person-let alone a parent-would impose such harsh judgement of you. Do you have a very sincere friend or friends-that will tell you the truth-as to if you do look fat-or do you look as though you need to lose a few pounds? If told that you look fine-eat properly-3 meals daily-or more small ones-with healthy low calorie snacks-maybe a piece of fruit-just to maintain your weight. If , the answer is yes-that you might want to lose some weight-do it carefully-count calories-get yourself a small book-usually found in a supermarket-or book store. This will allow you to lose weight properly. I don,t know if you,ve ever been to a social worker-but it might be a good way of learning how to better deal with your father. Wishing you the very best- hope I helped!

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