What are the tiny, red dots around my two year olds eyes?

what are the tiny red dots all around my daughters eyes from? Are they broken blood vessells from her crying too hard?

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They can be broken blood vessels from crying too hard, being strangled, or otherwise putting a lot of pressure to the face. If they don't go away after a day or two see a doctor.

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My two and a half year old daughter woke up with tiny red dots around her eyes this morning. I was so worried that I took her to the pediatrician and cracked up laughing for two minutes straight when she said it was from crying. I could not believe it! I was fearing the worse! My daughter has a cold and stuffy nose and the night before she was SO upset with me because I had to clean out all of the nastiness. She was already extremely tired and fought and cried harder than I've ever heard her cry before. The doctor had me think back as much as I could to try to remember if she did any excessive vomiting, coughing and/or crying and that's when I remembered. I just lost it and as much as the doc tried to keep her composure she eventually lost it too! She told me that I did the right thing by bringing her in because sometimes the condition (forgot the name for it) can be brought on by some blood disorders. She ordered blood work stat and thank God my daughters results all came back normal. Didn't mean to write a story but wanted to share my experience with the "tiny red dots" and let you know that you weren't alone! God bless!

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