What are the laws in pennsylvania and arizona on carrying nunchaku?

Ok, so this thing thought my question was too long to ask so here's my REAL question:

In Pennsylvania (and Arizona, although Arizona is less pressing because I live in Pennslyvania and only travel to Arizona) what are the exact laws for POSESSING nunchaku (also called nunchucks or chuka sticks) and what are the exact laws for CARRYING them, like in a public place.

I'm getting a pair and need to know so I dont get screwed.

Thank you.

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First of all, a samarai sword is called a katana jackass. Second of all, you carry them cause they're awsome and take skill to master. they are a type of artform in their own way. Third of all, I WOULD carry a katana around, and they dont go on your back they go on your hip. They are curved because the japanese created an art of drawing it out of its hip sheath that killed at least 3 people in the process. Get educated. Fourth of all, people like me don't show off. Fifth of all, next time you decide to answer a question, actually ANSWER it. God I hate stupid people.

I hope one day you get in a huge fight and while you're getting the crap beaten out of you, you say to yourself "Wow, I could use a pair of nunchaku or a katana right about now. or maybe a chain whip."

Honestly, dont judge people.

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, that's one of the funniest questions I've read in a long time. Carrying around nunchucks. He He Why do it unless you want to attract attention? Maybe I should buy a Samarai sword and walk around with it strapped to my back. I don't want to get screwed by the man so what should I do? How about stop drawing attention to yourself and don't carry around nunchucks?

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get a life.

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