What are some good pranks to play on your Brother?

What are some good pranks to play on your Brother??? He is 27 and I am 15…when he comes over..he always gets me…I want to get him back…

Answer #1

when he is sleep and his hand is like hanging over the bed but whipped cream or ketchup or something like that in his hand and get like a rag and put it on his nose like move it around and I might slap his nose with that hand lol

Answer #2

Well first let him go 2 sleep and then get syrup ketchup mustard and bread then poor the mustard in his nose and the ketchup in his mouth and the syrup in his hair if you like it email me at maggiecontreras01@yahoo.com

Answer #3

While they are asleep get some shavingfome and a feather and put the shavingfome in his hand and tickle his nose and it will go all over his nose and face!! By the way I have done this once!!

Answer #4


Answer #5

the classic tinkle one with shaving cream. I did that to my friend. good times. or you can put some itchy powder in his underwear. or like you can give his phone number to your friend and tell her/him to keep calling.

Answer #6

well, one thing you could do is when he comes over you can like sneak up behind him and and something prickly or like scaly and like put it on his neck or what ever. or if he stays over you can like sneak into his room and like draw on him and like hide his stuff. tell me if it works.

Answer #7

I did this one prank one time, it worked out pretty nicely, it wasn’t towards an older brother though, and I have no idea if it is what you are looking for. But people still remember my prank to this day. In science class, in 6th grade I was sitting next to this kid, we were doing an experiment. He had a water bottle on his desk. One of our cups for the experiment had salt. When he wasn’t looking, I took his bottle and dumped a whole bunch of salt in it, and shook it up good so it dissolved. The guy sitting diagonal from me saw this and tried to hide his smile. Then they guy with the water bottle picked up his bottle and took, a sip, his expression was priceless, he spit the water right out!! Everyone started cracking up, well except for him. lol

Answer #8

if you want to really get him… Get visene eye drops and put 1or 2 I repeat!!! 1 or 2 even 3 drops (depending on the amount in his cup) in his drink and he will crap his pants so fast I can garentee he will not make it to the bathroom :)

Answer #9

thats not good but once me and my brother went for a sleep over then when it was 2 in the morning I woke up but my friend and my brother was sleeping when my friend woke up I seaid to him should we do a prank to my brother his like no so we went inside and we got some sause and becuase his dad had a chainsaw I seaid to my friend hey im going to make a horrer movie in frunt of my brothers eyes so I got the chainsaw and I got a scary face that was stiched up but not a real won so I puted it on and then when my brother woke up my friend seaid to him hey I heard a chainsaw sound and someone was screaming and my brother seaid im not scared of who erther that is so then my friend toke him next to a forest and out of no were I jumped out and I seaid I will kill yous all in a scary voice then I turned on the chainsaw and started chasing them both and I had fake blood on my chainsaw so and I had what shefs have on you mite know what they were on that wite thing then my brother got so scred that he realy peed his pance a my friend was thinking of having sex and watching porn then he was wanking nexto a girl and sperm came out of his dick he let the girls suck his dick

Answer #10

hmm wow…

Answer #11

I like rap but I like rock more

Answer #12

when he is sleeping you should put ice in his boxers that will wake him up in a HURRY! Or get him 2 stand infront of your mum and dad then go behind him and pull his trousers/boxers down right infront of your parnets ! :) he will get a shock when he realizs that his mum and dad have seen his crown jewls!

                  Good Luck Mate!
Answer #13

Prank calls!!! Have a friend with a deep voice call him and ask him where his money is. lol

Answer #14

ha. I acctually did that to my bro’s beer one time

Answer #15

put something in his drink! LOL, just kidding! don’t do that! Maybe go look on google for some websites!

maybe: (Found on google) http://www.pranksite.com/


just a couple, so check on google asap! ;)

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