Any suggestion on a good prank?

OK, so Aprils Fools in coming up, and I was wondering if you guys can help me with a prank!! I allready thought of taking the creme out of Oreo Cookies and then filling it with Toothpaste!! LOL!! I know it’s mean but it’s still funny!! So I want to play a prank on my older brother! ANd I have NO idea what to do~ I would do the Oreo thing but we have NO Oreos and I’m not going to buy any!! So any suggestions?? IF you need any help for a prank my brother is annoying, skinny, lazy , luvs his 360( with x-box live) and eats lots of junkfood! So if there is any suggestionS for anything then please help!! LOL!! I would luv something if it doesn’t cost money, is free, and DOES NOT involve and phyisical pain!!! JUst a joke that will get him back!!! lOL!!


        :) Bubblicous97:)
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Answer #2

rub clear nail polish on his bar of soap them when he washes hell wondeer why its not lathering lol

Answer #3

put tooth paste in the bottem of his shoes or hair spray on his tooth brush that ones gross

Answer #4

There aren’t too many but I can think of a few:

  1. Put all his Xbox cd games in different cases, so when he reaches for Halo3, there’s a Sonic game in it. When he reaches for FIFA08 there’s a Thrilville game in it and so on… Bound to get him annoyed and once you tell him which cases are which or if he has sorted them out after a while, tell him APRIL FOOL’S!! (Remember to write down which case everyone of them are in or make a little pattern.

  2. When he is in a rush to go somewhere, as he is just down the path from your door, call his name as if you are calling him back, he will turn round at the mention of his name. Tell him to come here if he hasn’t already then when he asks what you want, say “How far d’ya reckon you would have got if I hadn’t called you back?” Falls everytime!

  3. Ring up his mobile with the witheld dialling code (in England it’s 141, dunno about the US) and put on a voice trying not to laugh (it does help if you don’t) and then read from a written piece of paper “Is this (brother’s name)? You are!? Well I am pleased to announce that you have won a year’s supply of Xbox games and have been put into the prize draw of winning a Playstation3 courtsey of your sister, (your name)! Congratulations. We will ring you back with further details of how to claim your year’s supply of Xbox games which include all the new releases of 2008! That is bound to make him happy!!! Then you ring back and say APRIL FOOL’S!! Although he may guess it.

  4. Don’t know if this one will work with your brother but your parents have to be in on it too, or even better, let them be the victims too. Tell them your going to be painting but don’t say what. Let them go out and when they return put a sign on the front door saying WET PAINT - use back door. They will go to the back door and see another sign saying WET PAINT - use front door. Their reactions will be priceless!!!

Answer #5
  1. you need 2 get the shampoo or conditioner or anything in the shower he uses and put any color food die or hair coloring in it.

  2. he puts it in his hair and he comes out with whatever color hair you choose. its so funny

  3. take a picture and put it on funadvice! xD

Answer #6

well I’m sure you’ve heard about this one before, but lift the toilet seats and neatly put saran wrap over the toilet bowl. then put the seat down, and wait. when your brother goes pee it’ll splash off the saran wrap all over his legs lol.

I can almost guarantee that you have saran wrap in your kitchen. it’s that clear wrap stuff your mom uses to like cover the food in the fridge. everyone has some.

Answer #7

K I like the 2nd one but my brother doesn’t like jelly beans!! Open for more ideas!!

Answer #8

oh or put o thong in his binder that way when he goes to class itll be exposed when he opens his binder or a pair of granny panties

Answer #9

take the power cabel and hide it some where and pretend it got lost

Answer #10

ok well since he just LOVES his xbox 360 then steal it and stick it on the roof or something like that,or youm could disconnect all the wires to it so the next time he goes to play it he CANT!!!lol

Answer #11

if he loves junk food, get sum jellys run them under the tap and coverd them in salt then out them back in the paket and ask if he wud like 1 lol

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