What are some good places to take your girlfriend to eat?

Ok so, today was my girlfriends birthday right, so everywhere I took her she wanted it to be a suprise so, I blind folded her. So I take her to my favorite chinese restaraunt and when I removed her blind fold after we've been seated, she says quite loudly, "I don't want to eat no cat!". It was really embarrassing and Saturday she's giving me another chance. Where should I take her?

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wow...she sounds like a total b!tch. no offense.
If you really 'love' her, then do what all those all people said above.
But if you're really sweet, and you could do a lot better then her,
like getting together with a NICE chick, then I would dump her a*s.

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I don't mean to be mean but that a insensitive thing to say in a chinese resterunt

take her to a park or garden somewhere and have a candle lit picnic itll be romantic and not to expensive and fine out her favorite food

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that seems very racist of her to say that, most american chinese food places doesn't serve cat..

I think it was really sweet what you did blindfolding her and taking her out. Try somewhere with a lot of variety on the menu.

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I say chilis or olive garden you can get away with spending about $30 at either so its nice and cheap enough. but not too cheap like whataburger. olive garden is nicer and more romantic.


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Tell the b*tch to be happy with what she got the first time and stop complaining... Then take her out somewhere else to keep her happy.

I presume you know her favorite food. If its steak, take her to a steak house. Try to stay away from big names like Applebees or Olive Garden. That's not original at all. Try to find a nice Bistro, Cafe or wood-burning stove pizza shop. I don't mean Pizza Hut.

Pescatore's Restaurant - Glen Mills, PA (AMAZING Italian)
Fiorello's Cafe - Is some good Italian
Market Street Grill - Cute little Diner (I believe its still around)

Do a google search for best rated restaurants in your area. It's sure to turn up a gem.

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a fancy place , but make make sure she likes that sort of place ;D

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spegetti factory(I know I didn't spell it right :P)
olive garden
somethin thats good

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