What are my chances of getting disability for being bipolar?

What are my chances of getting disability because I’m bipolar? How long would it take to get it started?

Answer #1

I absolutely can not stand…ignorant a$$ people. Unless you know what it is like to live everyday of your life w/ bipolar disorder, they need to s.t.f.up. my bipolar wasnt so bad when I was younger, but I think what made it worse was age (obviously) and drug abuse from my past. Im also adhd, and have generalized anxiety disorder, a torn acl graft (post op) injury, that caused c.p.d (chronic pain disorder)and most deffinetly arthritis(io refuse to take tests…rather not know lol) so b/c of that I became dependent on opiate pain meds that got out of control so now im in a methadone maintenance program…(I hate it)…and also a pretty crappy depression problem which got real bad when my son was born prematuirely and had to be in n.I.c.u for a while..which thru me into post partum depression that has gotten better after 1.5 years. Im on adderall methadone, effexor xr, levothyroxine (new thyroid problem I just found out) lol im a damn mess..do you think I will get disability??? I havent worked since july 2006. Its impossible for me to function in a work enviorment lol

Answer #2

I couldn’t agree more with what crippycat said. I actually have a hearing in three days. I have lost numerous jobs and or put on probation due to my bipolar disorder and things that happen when my medications arent working. The medications do work most of the time, however stress, anxiety, tension, and having to take other medications such as antibiotics interfere with their ability to help. Also, dosages have to be adjusted and when this happens it causes deeper stages of depression, aggression, or problems with memory retention. Bipolar has effected my ability to work effectively - I have been in the workforce for over 25 years, yet it has progressed to the point where it has made it impossible for me to hold a job. On top of other medical conditions, Bipolar can be very hard to deal with. People with mild Bipolar can work for a number of years in certain careers if they have an understanding employer, however, it is and can be debilitating.

Answer #3

To whome ev er said that bipolar really does not affect you and that you can still work!!I must say that is full of you know what because I am 35 with3 kids and my mother is bipolar also and its hell.Do you know that my mom was going through so much and on meds and killed someone in the end.I have had moments as a nurse to start getting irritable with my patients,to the point to where I felt that I needed to put myself out of that situation and I did.I have never hurt any of my clients or my kids because my kids are who give me strenght,but I will not make the mistake of being some where I know I could easily harm someone.In nursing homes you put up with a lot of patients screaming,trying to harm you and you know most dont know what they are doing but my mind reacts different,so If you really dont know anything about bipolar disorder” then do some research before you make any comments.Thank You

Answer #4

Wow! What an ignorant response! You obviously do not have any knowledge about bipolar disorder. It is debilitating and it eats your brain away till you die. Your brother has an extremely mild case from what you describe, so you can’t go by his situation..just because he is occasionally mean to you. Now MY bipolar is showing!

Now, to answer the original question. You apply with your SSI office. It takes about 3-4 months on average to be reviewed. You will most likely be denied, as most people are on their first try. Well, it depends on how severe your condition/what stage you are at with your disorder. I was denied originally. I STRONGLY suggest you get an attorney to appeal the decision.

Depending on your state, you may go to a “reconsideration” or right to a hearing in front of a judge. You want to get in front of a judge…this is your greatest chance of being approved. Unfortunately, to get a hearing take 12-14 months. I am waiting on my hearing..it should come up in a month or 2. It has been a long wait. I have an attorney.

They only collect if you win.

For Miss Smartypants who doesn’t like people who collect bipolar disability, I have been hospitalized 4 times for suicidal attempts. I have been fired from 3 jobs for debilitating depressions. I have been put out on disability numerous times for depression and anxiety. I am on 5 medications that work sometimes..only sometimes. So, in conclusion, I believe I qualify and there will be no sitting of this butt unless it is due to the fact that my brain won’t allow me to do anything but that. I accept your apology in advance.

Answer #5

I don’t know your chances, depends on where you live. it takes awhile.. though you might reconsider this, bipolar wont really affect your ability to have a job especially if your taking meds that help. my brothers bipolar, and he takes a lot of stuff out on us because he supresses things at work, but we deal b/c hes doing good at work and we know he doesnt mean most the stuff he says. also, he doesnt take any med for it. anyway I don’t know if your so bad off you need disability but good luck. I personally disagree with bipolar, depressed people, etc getting to stay home and still get money. its what they want so they dont have to deal, im not meaning to sound rude I just think it makes certain conditions worse allowing them to take socializing out of the picture. having normal experiences with work, socializing, etc can help people. like I said I dont mean to come off as rude, I was just saying I think itd be better not to make this decision

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