What are laptop processors...?

I want to buy a new laptop and I’m sort of clueless about the processors. What are processors (in easy words)? How do I decide which one to get? What is the latest processor (if there is such a thing)? I want a laptop with high quality graphics for gaming and entertainment, so I need to choose the features accordingly that is why I need to know what a processor is. I’ve heard of Intel Core 2 Duo processors and Intel Pentium Processor SU4100, what’s the difference? What in your opinion is the best processor?

Answer #1

ill have to keep this to a minimum as im out at 9 and its 08:30 now…

a processor just processes information and obviously the faster it can processe it the faster stuff will run… but dont be fooled by a big numbered processor as it will be useless if you dont have a good ammount of memory to back it up

the processor (CPU) isnt the main piece of hardware that will run a game. obviously its needed but the main piece of hardware that will be running the graphics is the graphics card. I’ve got 2 ATI 5850s in my rig each with 1 gig of memory and in some games my CPU is hardly touched.

im a AMD fan, I havent used an intel CPU since AMDs Thunderbird. At this moment in time I have a AMD Phenom II quad core @ 4.1 stable.

now out of the 2 you have surgested: the SU4100 is no good for games @ 1.3gig with a 2mb c.. yeah it could be overclocked but still you wont get much more out of it. maybe 1.8 to 2gig . the Core 2 comes in different speeds and theres a quad core version so out of the 2 the quad core Core 2 will be the best choice.

Answer #2

laptops take a few years with me till I’d want to change them but usually I don’t update my laptops I just buy new ones because its really hard to get laptop parts seperately where I live… and the alienware does seem pretty appealing to me so I’m thinking of getting it shipped since its not available at the shops here.

Answer #3

for gaming youd want a windows system for compatibility purposes :) but the 2.26ghz speed is very nice… better than the alienware I posted ;)

the gforce 9400m is only used by apple and seems to run call of duty 4 and cs4 very well… might struggle to run call of duty 5 and will more than likely not run modern warfare 2 at all..

how much are these 2 laptops?

Answer #4

your welcome…

just out of intrest.. how long after youve bought your new uber lappy will it be till youll want to upgrade it again?

you see im thinking that if its going to be a few years the alienware system would be better as the GPU in the other laptop isnt all that up to scratch.

Answer #5

yes, they are US dollars.

but the thing is the alienware lap is big sized. although all gaming laptops I’v found are big sized so it doesnt matter. I don’t really opt for dells (I’v had wierd experience with their laptops) but I’ll check this one out, it seems good.

thanks a whole lot for the big help :) I appreciate it.

Answer #6

a lot of people I know say that macbooks have faster processing and no matter how much you load them with programs they won’t be slowed that much and therefore are better than other laps. so that’s why I’m opting for a mac although I find windows easier to use.

Answer #7

the speed of Core 2 Duo is 2.26Ghz (if that’s what your asking for)

and I’m guessing from the information provided with each laptop that the macbook which has the core 2 duo has NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics (that’s all that’s mentioned about graphics) and the Toshiba Satellite which has the SU4100 processor has an Intel Graphics Accelerator 4500m.

Answer #8

your welcome noora…

ok so the SU4100 CPU comes with 4gb of ram and the Core 2 Duo has 2gb.

what speed is the Core 2 Duo?

and do you know what type of GPU (graphics prosessing unit) each laptop has?

Answer #9

the laptop that has SU4100 processor has 4gb memory (or so it says in the features) but the Core 2 Duo has 2gb, so do you still think that the Core 2 is better?

and thanks for the info it really helped ^^

Answer #10

ok just remember to shop around as dell arent the only place that supplys their alienware laptops ;)

Answer #11

ok the alienware I posted in your other question is right on your budget…

these are us dollors? :)

Answer #12

macbook: $1000 toshiba satellite: $700

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