What are good foods to eat?

What are good foods to eat for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snacks? What about drinks? And exercises?

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u can really eat anything for breakfast lunce or dinner but try not to eat junk only have it like once or twice a week cause thats what makes you gain weight. ALso 4 exercise you could dance while your listening to music. run around the house 4 fun. jumping jacks. jogging in place. thats all I can think of right now

Answer #2

When you eat breakfast you want to include foods from at least three of the four food groups.

When combined this meal should make up about one-quarter to one-third of your total day’s nutrients.

Some days you might notice that breakfast is the only meal you eat at home. This means that your breakfast should be loaded with good amounts of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Most importantly, your meal should also contain some of the following:

Milk and Milk Products

From this group choose low-fat foods like a tall glass of skim or 1 percent milk or a cup of low-fat yogurt. As an added bonus you can easily add these ingredients into a blender along with some fresh fruit to create some amazing and healthy breakfast drinks. Low-fat cheese can also be considered as a serving from this group.

Meat, Fish, Poultry and Alternates

Once more, choose a low quantity of fat food and be bold. The egg isn’t the only protein food that you have to place on the breakfast table, even though it’s a popular favorite for many families. It’s important that you watch your egg-yolk intake because of the cholesterol content, but you can easily extend your intake by incorporating plenty of egg whites, particularly in omelet’s and scrambled eggs.

Bacon and sausages should be eaten in moderation as well. You should keep an eye on the fat content of the bacon as well as the sausages.

Side bacon is pretty much saturated fat, salt, and nitrites. Back, or Canadian bacon is a much healthier and leaner choice. It’s okay to eat this bacon occasionally. The same principle can be applied to sausages, which are high in fat. A great cooking tip to know when you’re cooking these meats is to cook them so that the fat drips off.

Have you ever tried fish for breakfast?

If you want some great fish with Omega 3 fatty-acids try different fish like kipper, or albacore tuna. Combined with a thin layer of cheese, or a whole-wheat pita they make an excellent breakfast meal.

Breads and Cereals

As always choose the whole-grain breads and cereals whenever you can. If that’s not an option your second best choice would be to get the enriched versions of refined breads.

Here’s a quick word of word of advice when you’re selecting muffins, quick breads, and breakfast pastries. That mouth watering Danish that you see in the cake section is probably overflowing with fats as well as sugar. This can also be true with many store-bought granolas and for the ridiculous amount of butter you might be tempted to smear on that healthy piece of whole-wheat bread.

Remember, breakfast is supposed to rejuvenate and give you loads of energy for your day. Consuming lots of fat and sugars will get your day off to a sluggish start.

Fruits and Vegetables

A piece of fresh fruit is the supreme choice from this food group. Raw fruit is actually better than juice because of the fiber that you’ll get. If you really can’t start your day without a glass of juice then it’ll be your second best choice.

Dried fruits are great to add as toppings to hot or cold cereals, especially for women who are trying to boost their iron intake.

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I love you Irene (: Ha You give amazing advice. Thanks!

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