What are flies made from?

I have always been curious to find out, where the heck flies comes from? Its weird. I have two flies in my room & my room is very very clean. I`m a clean freak. But, I was trying to wonder why I have flies in my room. Plus its cold outside, so how would they come from outside? What are they made of? Where do they come from? I heard that their attracted to like garbages & moldyness. I have this green container downstairs & its got molds in it obviously cause thats where you put all the leftover foods in. But where the heck does the fly come from? I know this is weird for me to question it as asked, but don`t you think that it`s an interesting topic? I`m afraid that these flies are going make me sick or something. Are they gunna shiit on me or fly in my mouth when I`m sleeping? I really don`t want to kill them cause I don`t want dead flies in my room. EWWW! Someone.. Please Write back.

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jmz10 thanks so much!
that definately helps so much & it gives me a better understanding.
I`ve been trying to kill them with a fly swatter, but it doesn`t work.
their constantly flying around & they never stay in a simple spot.
it`s hard for me to kill them.
I guess there are flies that are coming to the garbage or something or maybe yet moldey foods. & thats how their multiplying? have you ever seen flies out of no wehre before? & wondered where they were coming from? are there different types of flies? like why would they have different coloured abdomens? :S

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so do I ;)
clear the gutter :P
but I`ll use your advice.
thannks buddsauce,

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eat them so other flies will get the message and be afraid or to intimitaded to enter your room-also they aree a good source of calcium for strong bones most peolpe dont realize that

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Kill the flies, pick them up with a tissue. Flush them down the toilet and than wash your hands. Don't be such a freak.

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haha. I see. that`s pretty sketchy. but like you`re from austrailia... I`m in canada.. do we get those kinda flies up here? I`ve never heard of that before. you seem to know so much! you have a lot of potentials. I have heard of horse flies & black flies. I think bot flies too but ewww. lets not go there. I`m so nervous. I`ve seen flies before but never seen one in my room until now. if I leave my door opened & the hall lamp on, will that still help? or do they need light outside of my room to leave?

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are they gonna shiit on u? lol thats funny but flies come from mommy flies

or maggots I think...

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A quick way to get rid of them is take your vacuum cleaner and use the hose to suck 'em up! Yeah. That's what I did when I was desperately trying to get rid of mine. I let the garbage sit too long I guess or something developed below the trash liner in the can.

Hope this helps
Mama K

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thank you so much.
thats actually a smart idea.
I left my door opened when I was asleep
& I noticed when I woke up, one of them was gone & the other one was still in my room so I used a vaccuum cleaner & I suck it out :)
Thank you so much!
The other one is downstairs sitting in the green container.

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