What are cute quotes that mean I love you w/o saying it?

I want some quotes that is saying I love you with out saying it or some quotes that start off like guys are like… Or start off like everytime I see you…blah blah blah…

Answer #1

how bout you the jelly to my pbj or your the cure to my cold or when I look at my hands I fell sad cause your finger fit there perfectly I don’t know I hope I helpd

Answer #2

you know… you could cut my throat and with my last breth id apolagise for bleading on your shirt! thats cute that might work… I hope it helped x

Answer #3

how do you do it? you make me feel like I do. how do you do it? its better than I ever knew. you are stellar.


Answer #4

…uh…can’t say I do cute. But here are some of my own quotes Yes, I made them myself, enjoy 1_~ Perhaps you can mix ‘em up a bit, reap inspiration from them.

You’e the essence of my being I need you’re cure to my dieses Promise me, you’ll always be mine? Dear angel, I’m parched without your light

Hope I helped

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