What age does a chihuahua have to be to mate?

My Chihuahua is 61/2 mos old & the runt of the liter weighing 51/2 lbs. I just would like to know what age is safe for him to breed?

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I have the same question aswell, my chihuahua is healthy as can be, and she is gonna be a one year old in 13 months.
I want her to have babies, so If anyone on here wants a baby chihuahua puppy, I live in kitchener Ontario CANADA.

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If you don't know what age you should be breeding dogs you are not knowledgeable enough to be breeding them in the first place. Breeding is expensive and a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly. If you don't know what you are doing your dog could also die when the puppies are born, especially with chihuahuas, most need c sections to give birth because they are so small.

Do yourself a favor, don't add to animal overpopulation. Save it for the real breeders.

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Oh and 6 and a half months is much much too young to mate, your dog has just reached sexual maturity, its like the equivalent of an 11 year old child. Also it is not a good idea to breed runts because often they have genetic problems that will be passed into the next litter.

Until what age could a female chihuahua be pregnant?
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Most males are not reay to breed until they are closr to a year old, and then it is still iffy as to whether he will know what he is suppossed to do.
The thing that I stongly suggest is if you are going to let him breed naurally (not artifically inseminate) make sure that female is not too large that she will hurt him! They will stay tied (stuck together) for about 20 mins or so.
Also, once he has mated he will start humping everyoone who comes over (especially if they smell like another dog), he will start marking in the house and on people (even if he is totally house trained), and he will strat trying to get loose outside/ make a break for it to find a new girl.
I don't suggest that you breed a house dog. But that is just my opinion, hope it helped.

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