Were to get graffiti supplies need asap

I was wondering were in saskatchewan, canada could I get good graffiti supplies as to my knowledge there is no graf shops around and I cannot buy off the net so if anyone knows of any stores that are not american and common that have many good supplies like markers mops spray paint (caps if possible) and other stuff

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u can probably get it at Wal-Mart ( if there is one). if you want to spray a house or store or any property with spraypaint, you seriouslyyy shouldnt buy spraypaint BECAUSE your DAMAZING PROPERTY!

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were or what is micheals and any specifics for wal-mart

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hey man, dont listen to those toys. if your in a rural area, your probably gunna have to stick with shitty krylon from canadian tire. if your near citys, like toronto, there are stores, like the bomb shelter on queen st, thats where I go. if you can't get to that, try online

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