Should i put a carpet in my bedroom??

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no, you shouldnt. what if you spill lemonade or something? then you'll ruin your carpet. trust me, my family had carpet, and then we bought wood floor because there were stains all over the carpet ( ew! )

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Personally I think bedrooms look nice with laminate flooring - however if you have heavy furniture that's probably not a good idea. Fancy floorboards are really attractive. I don't like carpet much, I think it looks a bit tacky, but it's just my personal opinion. Everyone has a different taste. Just do what you want.

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if it's cold in your location, then that'll help..
but if it's usually hot, then better not, and rags that're comfy to step on is perfect as an alternative.. (:

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I like carpet for bedrooms, but I don't have it. It looks good if you keep it clean.

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