How much should I weigh at my height?

I am 14 y/o 5ft4” & I weigh 162lbs .. I dont think this is suitable or my age and/or height, how much should I weigh? PLEASE HELP! Thanks x

Answer #1

your over weight but its okayy because the shorter you are the more fatter you look so you should try drinking losts of milk and you can get taller and the weight will strenght im 5’5 and weigh 130 but I have 2 friends that is like your height they weigh 110 and 120 you should try eatting healthy are but most of that weight can be cause you have muscle so dont worry just play a lot of sports and the weight will come right of trust me I was like 160 pounds and I lost 30 pounds iin like a month

Answer #2

I’m 5’1 I weigh 144, I know I’m very weight. Now, I’m on a serious diet, but really a way of eating and exercising. I am determined to lose 10 pounds before APRIL08. I will be 134 by APRIL08 !!! Then afterwards I will take it slow and lose 4 more to be 130 by the end of the summer.

Answer #3

it depends if your a girl or a guy because girls naturally weigh somewhat less then men but if your a girl at the height of 5’4 at the age of 14 should weigh anywhere from 100lbs to about 125lbs but if your a guy then anywhere from 120 to 160 is fine if you like work out or are naturally built

Answer #4

According to my nursing books you should weigh between 118 and 135. But remember you are beautiful. Just use this as a motivation tool not something to get you depressed.

Answer #5

you are over weight you should try going on diets or playing sports. exersize is very important

Answer #6

How much should I weigh? Im 13, a girl, and I weigh 165.8 pounds. Am I over weight?

Answer #7

I am 10 and I way 130. More than some of the other people who commented. I am on an DIET TOTALLY.

Answer #8 around 100 to 130lbs

Answer #9

I’m 5’7” and I weigh 120-124. I play sports but I can also eat a lot and not gain. If your in sports don’t worry so much about weight you could be gaining muscle. If you don’t like a part of your body (I don’t like my legs) just work on that area for workouts. and yes thighs are gonna be big but if its muscle I’m more happy about them :]

Answer #10

You should not worry about your right now you should worry about it when you become an adult just do what every child does play and sweat it off and trust me every girl does that “ooh I am to fat I will never be skinny” but its ok nobody is perfect

Answer #11

hi well im 13 and im 5,7 and I way about 126 pounds and anyway people who are 5,7 should probably be 10 stones so there no need 2 worry but I fink dats under weight both of us so dunt feel insecure of what our mum’s say because its not true dunt listen 2 things that hurt u

Answer #12

hey. so im 5’4 and14 too. I way 118. and im fairly active. I thhink if you get down too 145 youll be good(: but whoever said you have too lose weight to get someone to ask you ridiculous hah. hunny im sure your fine the way yoou look. Ill tell you how I lost weight. when I was 10 I was 145 pounds. and iwas ony 5 ffoot.. so I ran on the treadmill every otherday for 30 minutes. and I joined karate which was supergay, but it made me loose weight (: sooo…even though youll look like a retard you could join a marshall arts thangg..orr be like me NOw and join cheerleading. omg it is sooo much fun ! haha but babydoll…you are not fat. your not obese. you are deff not huge. you are midily over the bmi charts which is not too bad. and heck girl were young stillwe can run around and loose weight super fast (: haha Giirlll I hope I helped you somewhat hugs andd loveee

Answer #13

120 at the most

Answer #14

If your 14 you should not be 162. don’t think that you have to starve yourself just because of this do exercises like walk a lot do push ups a lot of sit ups like 40 a day do 6 inches which means lay back and keep your feet in the air really low that should cost you pain if you are 15 your weight should be 110-130

Answer #15

107-145? your bmi is 27.8 but it should be 18.5-25.0

Answer #16

135 at the most

Answer #17

I am 10, 5 feet tall, and weigh 93 pounds. Is this okay?

Answer #18

im 13 5”7 and weight 130 is that healthy for me? because I mean im not fat but I feel it because my mom always says “oh I was never 100 pounds till I was 18” and I just ignore her so should I like lose weight or am I ok

Answer #19

I am 14 and am 5’ 2” and I weigh 117 but I am over weight for me…everyone is built diff I have a friend who is 5’1” and weighs 128.3 and the dr said she is normal for her so it all depends…it sounds like you are a little over weight and something needs to be done…try pilates…and also FOR EVERY 1 GALLON OF COLD WATER YOU DRINK YOU BODY BURNS 123 CALORIES JUST BRINGING IT TO BODY TEMP.

Answer #20

your all still very young, something you should realise is yes your over weight or “fat” as im sure uve been called by insulting individuals… but dont get down on yourself and hate yourself for it, weight is something that is easy to control as long as you grab the bull by the horns. Theres no need to starve yourself or diet to a huge amount, simply going out doors and being active will help you out. if you are over weight you probably dont enjoy running around or doing physical things, but the more you do the more you will enjoy it. you dont have to go jogging or lift weights, simply going out and playing sports like soccer or basketball will help you out more than anything. Your still young and losing weight is very easy for you right now, be active and live an active life style, dont come home after school and watch tv or play on the computer, GO OUTSIDE… RUN AROUND…

Answer #21

I am 25year Old Girl…What should be my perfect weight and height according to my age.. I am right now 75kgs with 5 feet 3 inches…How much more I need to loose my weight…???

Answer #22

If you are 14 you should weight at most 135 and at least 105. The best way for you to lose weight is by eating grapefruit before every meal and drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. And of course working out but remember you are bueautiful/handsome just the way you are. BUt if you want a girl/guy to ask you out… lose weight!!!

Answer #23

If aged 19-34 If aged 35+ 5 feet 0” 97-128 pounds 108-138 pounds 5 feet 1” 101-132 111-143 5 feet 2” 104-137 115-148 5 feet 3” 107-141 119-152 5 feet 4” 111-146 122-157 5 feet 5” 114-150 126-162 5 feet 6” 118-155 130-167 5 feet 7” 121-160 134-172 5 feet 8” 125-164 138-178 5 feet 9” 129-169 142-183 5 feet 10” 132-174 146-188 5 feet 11” 136-179 151-194 6 feet 0” 140-184 155-199

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