Will eating chocolate before bed help me gain weight?

If I eat two chocolates every night before going to sleep, will that make me gain weight? And If yes, then how long should I be doing that to gein weight?
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That's a very unhealthy way to gain weight. You should trying taking in a lot of proteins.

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well ill try to eat more for the meals but I will take chocolates before going to sleep, cause I want to gain weight a little. I know its not healy but I think its the fastest way.
see, this is why im asking. theres a huge party for month or 2, and there will be almost all my friends, boys and girls, and I want to have the "perfect body" till the party.

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I dont know how much it will help if you have a fast metabolism (which I am assuming you do or you wouldnt need to try to gain weight). My friends all have the same problem, but the only way they were able to gain a significant amount of weight was through protein (shakes, bars etc) and working out... eating more didnt really help...

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How big are the chocolates? And how much are you trying to gain and why?

Actually, eating before bed will slow your metabolism, and often make you feel hungry the next morning (wierd huh?). This can cause weight gain, but not in a healthy way. You'd be better off just increasing your calories per day.

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Well the chocolates are 45g I would eat every night 2 of them. My metabolism is really fast and thats why im trying to eat at night when its slow. I dont know really how much I wonna gain weight...I just want to...Im not skinny, but I want to be little fatter. lol
Why if I eat at night it makes me hungry in the morning...?
I know its unhealty but I think its a fast way to gain weight, eating lots of sweets...

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Yes it will definitely make you gain weight. But weight in the form of FAT. If you want to gain weight and look good you should be loading up on proteins, this will help you increase muscle (along with exercise). And eating chocolate before bed every night will really increase your chances of getting cavities - even if you brush there is a high chance, as you should eat chocolate at LEAST 6 hrs before bed.

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so you want to gain weight?
well you can, and it would (its take a few weeks)
but thats an unhealthy way to gain weight
you can gain weight healthily and safely (and not affect your health)
if you just add a few things to your meals and gradulay increase your daily calory intake

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Can I dring only milk with the chocolate? will that help?

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Probably... but drink REAL milk, not that 2% or skim stuff...

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Thank you eatwell_100 How can I PM u? How can I PM anyone. Im new in this funadvice :D

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Eating before bed doesn't necessarily make you gain weight, but filling up on these calorie-dense foods before bed certainly can, and you should really avoid them.

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don't eat everyday and to much!

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