Is weed worse for you than alcohol or cigarettes?

Answer #1

Well I have never heard of gettin cancer or liver probs from smokein weed so I say the cigs and alcohol r worse for u

Answer #2

depends if each one was full time.. a bit of weed here and there shouldnt cause problems, only addiction and the same goes smoking, having 5 ciggerettes a year would do nothing on your health, only addiction can result then the problems happen.. this really depends on what perspective of “worse” your looking at..

Answer #3

Cool! I am just wondering cuz people say alcohol is worse than weed…

Answer #4

haha in the short term, they’re just the same, in the long term they both have their downers :)

Answer #5

People have died as a direct result of health issues from alcohol and tobacco use. There is not one reported death from marijuana. While it is certainly not harmless, it is much less harmful that alcohol and tobacco.

Answer #6


Answer #7

No (opinion) because it can be used for medical purposes (i think thats right)

Answer #8

In a way, I would say weed is worse for you, just based on what I’ve seen from people who do these things. Generally, I find that people who drink alcohol every now and then still function normally, and will get up and get things done, etc… Most people I’ve met who use weed tend to be lazier about things, and not get as much done for themselves. So, if that’s any indication of what’s worse for you, I would almost go with weed being worse for you. Mind you, this is my own generalization I’ve pulled from observations, so it’s not necessarily true.

Answer #9

Alcohol is also used in almost every syrup that you find.

Answer #10

Yes I would smOke weed over alcohol and cigarettes because those two are worse for your body (alcohol-liver, cigarettes-lungs)

Answer #11

Yes I would smOke weed over alcohol and cigarettes because those two are worse for your body (alcohol-liver, cigarettes-lungs)

Answer #12

Yes I would smOke weed over alcohol and cigarettes because those two are worse for your body (alcohol-liver, cigarettes-lungs) Plus it’s more fun haha

Answer #13

Well it depends. If you smoke one joint a day it’s better than drinking 1 liter of vodka a day. Yes weed won’t give you cancer but if you smoke too much it will effect your synapses and other brain functions. That and the fact you might get arrested (depending on where you live) just for posession.

Answer #14

Your right.

Answer #15

no. I think weed is a better option than ciggs or alcohol.

Answer #16

All of the above

Answer #17

All of the above

Answer #18

Sorry, but I have to contradict you here. Weed is most often smoked mixed with tobacco, so it can ruin your lung, too. Weed may not ruin your liver, but it CAN ruin your brain. Which is worse, actually. MOST people aren’t affected by it in that way, but SOME… one in a thousand will go psychotic. I mean completely whackos as in hearing little voices in your head, seeing things that aren’t there and believing that you communicate with aliens or that you are Napoleon Bonaparte. And you never know whether YOU are the one who will freak, until it’s too late.

Answer #19

very true

Answer #20

Rotten, I don’t think pot is mixed with tobacco most of the time. In fact, of all the people I know who smoke, no one does that. But even if true, it is the tobacco causing the lung damage. Alcohol does just as much harm to your brain as does pot, if not more. As far as it being a trigger drug for psychotic behavior, there have been a few claims, but very little verification that pot was the cause. I have never been able to find any real studies that have supported this claim. No one is saying pot is harmless, it definitely has risks. But even most doctors agree, it is less harmful then tobacco or alcohol. Of course, too much of anything is never good.

Answer #21

Either way…You can die easily if you smoke a lot of pot and JUMP OFF A BUILDING!!

Answer #22

Just weed- no it honestly isn’t that bad for you. But just tabacco isn’t bad for you either. But it’s when things are processed that it becomes bad for you. Alcohol yeah that stuff is just pointless and bad for you. So yeah weed is better.

Answer #23

I just know that my brother went psycho after he abused weed. He may have had it in his head before, but I do think that the weed made it surface.

Answer #24

Slashdown, do you know anyone who has done that? Have ever even heard of someone doing it?

Answer #25

I’ve heard stories… Besides… I know a lot of people who smoke weed and some aren’t exactly…sane…

Answer #26

Tobacco isn’t bad for you? It kills hundreds of thousands in the us and millions worldwide every year.

From the CDC: “More deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than by all deaths from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suic!des, and murders combined”

Between tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana, tobacco by far is the most deadly…

Answer #27

No tabacco isn’t bad for you. It’s all the crap they put in it while it’s being processed. Because tabacco, it’s a plant. Same with weed. Weed isn’t as processed as tabacco. Therefore weed is better. BECAUSE IT ISNT PROCESSED. I know I’m only 13, you probly think of me of a kid. I don’t care. But I know what I’m talking about.

Answer #28

Nahh it’s fine awishuponthestars… People think teenagers are stupid! :D I am sure u noe wut ur talking about :)

Answer #29

awishuponthestars, can I ask you where you got this information? There are additives that make it even more unhealthy, but tobacco itself has nicotine and tar no matter how it is processed. If you really think it is harmless, you are quite mistaken. Tobacco is extremely harmful, and is the cause of the most preventable death’s worldwide. Just because something is a plant does not mean it is harmless. There are many many plants that are poisonous to humans. You need to do some better research.

Answer #30

No, Noone has ever died from weed, but has died from cancer from cigarettes, and has died for drinking way to much.

Answer #31

Right now, I’m getting it from my mind. Where have I gotten it in the past? Doctors, police officers, and people who know what they’re talking about. I don’t know how old you are, honestly, nor do I care. I’m 13 but I bet you I know WAY more about medical things than you do. I know tabacco has nicotine in it. I know it has tar in it. But if you use it how it’s meant to be used and not as something to dope you up then no, it isn’t that bad for you.

Answer #32

Regardless of whether its mixed with tobacco, cannbis is highly carcinogenic, much more so than tobacco, and I have read the scientific studies on it. Cannabis is a hallucinagenic drug and has been linked in many studies to mental illness such as schitzophrenia, which happened to one of my aunts. If you cant find evidence of this you are clearly not looking hard enough. I found a bunch of scientific studies in about two seconds (some very interesting long term ones for example) on the damage it does to the brain

Answer #33

Not true. I knew someone who died as a direct result of cannabis use.

Answer #34

Again, not true, I knew someone who died from cannabis use. And considering its more carcingenic than smoking, it has the same health risks associated with tobacco AND it has those wonderful schitzophrenia inducing properties on top of that.

Answer #35

You dont more about medical things than me, and Im telling you straight out you are coming off as an ignorant child who doesnt have a clue what she is talking about. For one thing, learn how to spell tobacco. The scientific studies on the subject disagree with you, and the sources of information you mentioned do not strike me as reliable as it did not come from scientific studies.

Answer #36

You are 13, I am 51. You do not know “WAY” more about anything than I do, accept maybe things like American Idol, or Hannah Montana. Have you ever watched a loved one whither away and die from lung cancer caused by smoking? I did. My mother smoked for 30 years, and she used tobacco exactly how it is meant to be used, inhaling it into your lungs. And it killed her. As Danielle said, your sources are not reliable. Scientific studies are real sources, and they overwhelmingly show the extreme harm that smoking causes.

Answer #37

Danielle, I am not suggesting pot is not harmful. It definitely is, but not as harmful as alcohol or tobacco. As far as carcinogens, pot may have more, but the average cigarette smoker inhales a lot more smoke that the average pot smoker. 20 to thirty cigarettes per day compared to a couple of joints a week. I have seen reports about schizophrenia, and I most of them have said the cases where schizophrenia has occurred is with people who already have or are predisposed to it. And those cases are very rare. At best it is inconclusive. Here is an example of conflicting reports:

“Exposure to cannabis during adolescence and young adulthood increases the risk of psychotic symptoms later in life. Cannabis use at baseline increased the cumulative incidence of psychotic symptoms at follow up four years later…but has a much stronger effect in those with evidence of predisposition for psychosis.” Dec. 2004 - Cécile Henquet , PhD. “It is conceivable that excessive use of cannabis sometimes contributes to acute schizophrenic episodes. But it is difficult to believe that cannabis is a strong risk factor for this disorder, because there is no evidence that the incidence of schizophrenia has risen dramatically over the past 50 years, in parallel with the huge increase in cannabis use. Young schizophrenic patients are often heavy cigarette smokers too, but no-one would suggest that tobacco causes schizophrenia.” Dec. 27, 2002 - Colin Blakemore, PhD, ScD

Answer #38

Can you tell me the details, because I have tried and have never found one documented case of someone dying from marijuana use. I am not talking about dying in an accident while under the influence, or anything like that. I am talking about dying from a health condition created from smoking pot.

Answer #39

Wait, Jimahl… Doesn’t it like turn your brain to crap? Can’t you die from like loss of brain cells?

Answer #40

Lol. I love that plant argument, it’s so ridiculous. Please tell me if all plants are so good for you, why don’t you smoke poison ivy? Certainly because it is a plant it has to bee good for you by your definition then. No smoking is good for you, it damages your lungs regardless of whether it is weed or tobacco or excessive use of alcohol.

Answer #41

Ha ha IRENE DISSED YOU!!! :D Ha ha poison ivy… “Hey try this new green it makes your face feel like it’s on fire!!!!” That was funny Irene :)

Answer #42

Slashdown, I have never heard of one case. Yes, people who abuse it and smoke a real lot, particularly those who start smoking at a young age, can experience long term affects with memory and such, but not death. At least none that I could find.

Answer #43

Then WHY is it illegal? The government could make more money and criminals make less!

Answer #44

I ask the same question. It shouldn’t be illegal. In fact i think no drgs should be. I think we would do a far better job of fighting drg abuse if we treated it as a health issue instead of a criminal issue. Our jails a jammed with non-violent drg offenders, and they come out worse than when they went in. If we spent just half the money we currently spend on law enforcement and incarceration, and spent it on rehab programs, we would reduce the levels of drg abuse far more than throwing people in jail.

Answer #45

I agree and disagree. I believe those Class C and B drgs are not fine but the crime rates would be lower. Though Cocine and Hroin and other Class A drgs destroy lives. Meth is a great example. It screws everybody up!

Answer #46

They are destroying lives even though they are illegal now. So how would making them legal change that? Throwing them in jail does nothing to treat their condition.

Answer #47

@jimahl, yes I have watched more than one person who was close to me die. When I was 2, I watched my brother die. He was only 7 years old. That kind of things scar children. Have you ever been through so much radiation in one day that you can’t even walk because you’re too weak? I have. Have you been told that you weren’t going to make it through the next 3 months? I have. It’s been 5 months now since I’ve been told that. I made it. Have you ever had 7 needs poked into your throat at once just to test you for simple things? You can’t tell me you know more about medical things than I do. I almost live in a doctors office. So I think I know.

Answer #48

Thanks for actually including info from the studies, Its so refreshing to see someone not quoting something they found on a random website as fact!

Answer #49

Im not talking about an accident, and i cant recall the details perfectly. It was to do with toxicity to certin receptors reducing glucose and oxygen reaching the brain. I have read a few cases also about cannabis use causing death for cadiovascular reasons. Its not all that common, but it has happened, and it seems like it may be increasing as it has become more toxic over the years.

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