We're turning five in March, should we have a party?

The last twelve months have been truly insane. Thanks to everybody who’s been helping out, we’re up January over January by 700% - this month we’ll have more than 1.4 million visitors on the site :) It’s thrilling.

And, while the first few years of FunAdvice we didn’t do nearly as much management of the site as we have in the past year & a half, we’re turning 5 years old in March. The whole concept at first was more narrow than it is today but we realized eventually that it didn’t make sense to limit (much) what people could or couldn’t talk about, and having categories for a wider range of issues has helped me enjoy the site more, as well as most of you, I’m sure.

Personally, while I’ve helped start 8 different businesses over the past eight years, I’ve never had one as big as FunAdvice in terms of audience. So we’re thinking about doing something big.

Any recommendations or ideas to commemorate five years in business? (aside from having a “happy b-day” note as part of the logo, I think that’s the least we’ll do.

Answer #1

Ooh! Can we have cake? And party hats? And those curly blow out things?

I thought maybe we could so like a photo collage- everyone takes a photo of themselves doing something party-like: eating cake, blowing up balloons, posing with a party hat or pinata… whatever. Then we could use all the photos and generate a digital collage. Basically, you put all the images onto an image generator and it spits out an image made up of all those photos. I thought we could use the images to spell out “FunAdvice”. Kinda like a snapshot of all the people who use FunAdvice.

Just throwing the idea out there…

Answer #2

yh I love this site. Do you make money from this buisness? sorry I am just quite intrested.

Answer #3

yeah. That’s really cool that all it takes is a good idea and a little money to connect millions of people. Goodfor you mate

Answer #4

Thank you so much for the great site that helped me and many people

Answer #5

Well, we do make some money (else we wouldn’t be able to pay our employees, etc) but it’s little enough after expenses, so this isn’t my day job :(

If we can grow another 3-5x where we are today, then perhaps the part time management team can become a full time management team, which would help us improve the site even more, and faster.

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