How do you wash your car in the winter?

Answer #1

Leave it out in the rain… Lol. Um, I guess you’d just take it through a care wash?

Answer #2

*Car wash

Answer #3

the only water to ever touch my car is rain..

the best thing to use is summet like pro-shine.

its a waterless wash and wax and works better than the standard water and sponge rubbish.

as long as the car is dry your good to go with something like that.

ive never been able to see the point in washing a car in winter with water cus its just gonna ice, crack the paint maybe and cus the roads are damp and dirty 1 mile down the road and the car is dirty again.

if it really is in a dirty state and you have to clean it then like renee said use a car wash but i prefer to always do my own car cus then i know ive got all that dirt off.

Answer #4

We usually go outside with a bucket of luke warm water (mixed with the cleaning ingredients), then we take a cloth, wet it and wring it out, and then we start washing the metal parts by hand. When it comes to the windows, we use the winter windshield washer fluid on them. We use one of those squeegee things to get it off.

Answer #5

I wouldn’t think one would wash their car in the winter due to rain as it would be pointless…..Anyway, wash the car in a covered garage and be sure to wipe all the water off so when you do take the car out of the garage, the rain will help maintain the cleanliness and remove any further built-tip dirt.

Answer #6

Sorry doll, rain water isn’t the cleanliest water to use. Also with car washers, you need to be sure they have install the soft brushes, if not, once you finished having your car washed by the machine, the hard brush do scratch your car. It isn’t noticeable until you park your car in the sunlight and really take a hard look at the paint job, there will numerous faint scratches. :-)

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Answer #8

In the winter, you’re better off just not washing your car. You freeze your butt off, you risk making all the doors freeze shut, etc. It’s just not worth it. What you do is leave it dirty til spring, then wash it good, body and undercarraige, as soon as its nice out so the salt from the roads doesn’t corrode the crap out of the frame (or in most cases nowadays, unibody).

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