Was my BoyFriend The Guy Who Raped me?

2 weeks ago I got raped, I’m still not sure who it was , My parents were both at work and I am home schooled due to drug issues. After work my parents were going to get some dinner and I was stuck watching my little sister. My friend ALWAYS come to my house they’ll just walk in without asking so I heard the front door open at thought it might be my best friend I yelled to her “ In my room “ But I got no replay and then I was forced onto my bed with a man in a black hoodie and mask . There I was raped, Stupid enough I was scared to tell my parents. I talked about the rape often with my boyfriend and when ever I brought it up he would just change the subject , Fianlly I asked him to over, I was sure he was the guy who raped me because he was wearing the same hoodie and knew to just walk in without calling. Plus he doesn’t want to kiss me. Am I right ? or Are they just similar ?

Answer #1

ok well if it helps I been raped 5times in my life and im only 16 1/2 I been with some guys that turn on me and some good friends so it is scary it was hard for me to tell my parents and my family because it is scary in that situation very scary if you think its your boyfriend then ask him maybe like I might think you raped me because you change the subject everytime I talk about being raped or it could be like everyone else says that he doesn’t want to talk about it and it hurts too much maybe its because it pisses him off too bad idunno its his feelings and urs so if I was you I would talk to my parents and talk more to my boyfriend because I remmber telling my ex fiancee he was shocked at how maney times I been raped ok well if you want to talk funadvice me ok ill talk to you about your situation.

Answer #2

Well, why would your Boyfriend rape you? do you tell him that you don’t want to have sex? or you guys have done it before? because if you guys have done it before there’s really no reason to rape you when he is your boyfriend and can just get it like a normal couple not by raping you.

If it is that you have told him you don’t want to have sex then well maybe there might be a possibility. Is he an aggressive guy? does he have a bad temper? is he involved in bad things like drugs and such?

Either way you should have told your parents. There isn’t anything to be scared of. I mean I bet it’s hard to tell them but only thing they would do is just help you. And also how did your boyfriend react when you told him you got raped?, cause if he just acted totally normal and just changed the subject like nothing then it was probably him. cause any normal boyfriend if their girlfriend tells them they got raped they would be in shock, pissed and hurt. So well your the only one that would know this, not us.

Answer #3

There is always a reason. If you see me do it again, call me out on it and I will explain. Though, sometimes, especially for SOME of the people who come here…being an ‘as*hole’ is appropriate and quite possibly needed.

Answer #4

there’s a possibility he could have did it and thought it was just a playful sex game and you took it too seriously so he just wanted to forget. mention to him the fact that he has the same hoodie, if he starts to look uncomfortable, he could have did it.

Answer #5

For Gawd’s sake, why all the cloak and dagger??…ASK your boyfriend if it was him…and demand an answer! Then keep your door locked…or at least tell your friends from now on, they knock…


Answer #6

Mandyloo - I say things that others consider to be rude, obnoxious, and just overall mean. The girl who said she was 16 and raped 5 times…she is the reason why I say rude, obnoxious, and just overall mean things, because she takes away from the girls who were ACTUALLY raped. Believe it or not, people come on this website as well as many others and create false information about themselves for whatever reason they have. It’s not as rare as you may think it is.

And cherry…stop being a young naive fool.

Answer #7

Have I personally been raped? No I haven’t, but I have dealt with several kids who have been raped, a few friends who have been raped, and a sister who was killed while raped. Trust me. I know enough. Probably just as much as you.

She put little to no detail in the ‘rape’ itself, which makes me skeptical about what actually happened. I guess I just have “some nerve”.

And I too have friends who come over. But there’s a door. The purpose of that door is for safety and privacy. They knock…just like any normal person would. When I go to my friend’s house, who I have known for upwards of 20 years, I still knock. It’s common courtesy. Coincidentally, I have never been raped, either.

While I understand the question itself is more detailed towards her boyfriend and trying to find out if he did it, she should be more worried about the rape itself, not who did it. She should talk to her parents or someone from school (a guidance counselor). While I know she is home schooled, so was I at one point - and for drugs as well. I still had ties to my school as well as caring counselors.

Answer #8

No one on here can tell you if it was or not, he either was the one, or you are looking for someone to blame and the pieces are fitting, when he’s not the real person who did it.

Just because he doesn’t want to talk about it - does not mean he did it. I was raped when I was 20, me and my boyfriend never talked about it, because it made him uncomfortable and it hurt him just as much as it hurt me.

Also, a black hoodie, is not enough evidence to blame him. It’s just a black hoodie, they sell millions of them and anyone could have one.

Tell your parents. There is no reason why you should have to go through this alone. Tell them what happened, and report it to the police if you feel neccasary. Keeping this secret to yourself and not telling them is going to cause more emotional damage than the actual rape.

If you need to talk, funmail me.

Answer #9

You asking her if she even put up a fight! That is very offensive, it sounds as if you are doubting her. You may not be meaning for it to sound like that, but that’s how it comes off.

Have you ever been raped? Do you know what it’s like when it happens or what it’s like afterwards? Most people have no clue.

I have friends that just walk into my house all the time, I have never had a problem with that either. a lot of people have friends that just walk in.

I’m not ignorant. I’m just trying to make you see how that came off.

Answer #10

Oh believe me, I know that people come on here and lie all the time. The problem with that is though - you don’t always know if they are telling the truth or lieing. I’m right along with you on the pookabear thing though - I doubt her story.

I have seen you in plenty of post though get very rude and obnoxious for no reason. There is a difference between telling them how it is - and being an as*hole.

Answer #11

Its good to get clues, being a detective, cause Im sure the last thing you want is to send your boyfriend to jail for false accusations. Maybe it wasn’t him, but he probably knew who did it, or hopefully didn’t hire that person to do that, which can be a serious doubt or a great possibility. Maybe semen sample If he actually left some or search his living quarters for the similar get up, If you remember. but If you really want to get down to the culprit then you probably should contact the fuzz


Answer #12

I have some nerve?

This guy apparently walked into her house full well knowing where she was as well as the layout of her house and raped her…I’m asking questions a police officer would ask. Don’t get on my case because you didn’t know that. I ask because she didn’t put it into her question, and they are extremely important questions to ask. Don’t be so ignorant.

You are the one with the nerve.

Anyway, I asked where your little sister was. If by “little sister” you mean you were babysitting a two year old, it won’t really be that helpful. However, if you were babysitting a (lets say) 5 to 10 year old, or even older, she may have seen something you didn’t assuming she was awake.

Answer #13

Well it’s true it’s hard to believe and I wonder what she has been doing to get raped so many times and even have a an ex-fiance.

I think you haven’t been doing very good things pookabear. sounds like you live in a place where underage girls get raped a lot or all your boyfriends have been aggressive and like to rape girls.

Answer #14


No one here is going to be able to say yes or no. The whole “he changes the topic of conversation” thing…do you really think he likes thinking about his girlfriend being raped, and wants to talk about it? Probably not.

Answer #15

You’re 16 and a half…and you’ve been “raped” 5 times and have an ex-fiancé.

What constitutes as rape now? Because I don’t think the correct definition is being passed around.

Answer #16

I usually don’t agree with reb on anything:

But on this one particular girl - I have the same opinion as he does. There is no way.

Answer #17

whether it was your boyfriend or not you need to tell somebody. nobody in this world deserves to be treated like that and whoever did it should go away for a long time. and if you dont want to do it for yourself do it for other girls he might have done this to in the past or may do it to in the future.

Answer #18

Did you even put up a fight?

Did you yell or scream?

Where was your “little sister”?

Why would you let friends just walk into your house…

Answer #19

“Don’t make unnecessary comments Reb.

I think guys shouldn’t even answer in this question.”


But humor me - you think this girl is only 16, but has been raped 5 times and you believe she has an ex-fiance. Please, explain this to me so I can better understand.

Answer #20


Who are you to question her like that. If she got raped, she feels bad enough without you throwing out questions like that asking her if she even put a fight. Some women are too timid or scared when they are being raped, and it’s not as easy to put up a fight as you think it is. Especially when the guy is much bigger than you are.

You have some nerve.

Answer #21


1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

RAINN Online HotLine: http://apps.rainn.org/ohl-bridge/

Just wanted to add resource info for those who are looking!

xox Sika

Answer #22

he could just b changing the suject because it makes him feel strange I mean think abou it

Answer #23

Don’t make unnecessary comments Reb.

I think guys shouldn’t even answer in this question.

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