Was this really sexual harrassment?

…sorry I know this is a lot just for one question but you have to know the whole story to understand what im feeling…

you see I moved to this small town last year and my parent finally let me go to public school but not just any school, it was high school, and another bad this was, that I was the “new girl” I met this oh so sexy guy named samuel and he would always wink at me of just do something to get my attention, we eventually started talking adn we would always write each other letters because you know he was a junior and I a fish so we didnt have any classes together so we learned to maek due. I finally realized that I had fallen in love with him, but everyknow and theni would hear something bad about him adn try to end our “friendship” but he would always be like rachel come on they’re just talking crap, adn I would believe him cu zi was under his spell, and he knew it too!

one day while he was walking me to my locker in the portables, adn he like shoved his hands up my shirt and I was like omg what the f*ck are you doing, but he didnt stop. a few seconds later my friend ashley cam ein because she had seen us walk in together but not come out and she was worried! sam finally left adn ashley was like omg rachel what happened when I cam ein you were sooo pale, adn you looked as if you were about to cry, so I told her what had happened. she was shocked to say the least but she never mentioned it to me again. the very next day I gave sam a letter telling him I didnt want to talk to him ever again.

a month later when the new semester started sam now had the same pe class as me, so we started talking again adn he apologized to me for what he did, and I, just like the old days, gave in adn forgave him because even though I didnt wan tot admit it I still loved him and I missed him. we started tlking a whole lot since we now had a class together we spent a lot more time with each other, but I was afraid that he would start to lose interest in me since he knew I really didnt want to make any drastic moves with him, so while we were talkin one day I felt up his leg and gave him a hand job, and he returned the favor. a few days later he asked me if I would come underneath the bleachers with him s we could be xtra dirty, but I said no because I had just got a boyfriend and I knew if I went with him my boyfriend would know what me and sam were doing if he came back and saw me and sam not there. but sam wouldnt give up he said he’d wait fo rme anyway so he went doen underneath the bleaches and I still didnt come. but in art class sam came and asked me if I would help himm find his painting, adn right then I got a bad feeling inthe pit of my stomach , you know the kind you get when you can just feel that something bad is going to happen, but I ignored the warning and went inside the art closet to help him find his painting. the second I walked through the door he shut it and was all like well now’s our chance because you rboyfriend isnt here. he took a step towards me and I could not move because I was paralized with fear, I could just see it in the papers now”teenage girl raped in skoo, while only a door seperated her from her teacher!” he started to rub on my vagina to see if it would loosen me up and make me horny, then he started to unbutton my polo and when that didnt give him as much boob feeling as he wanted his hands went up my shirt, then he put his hand down my pants to try and finger me put I instantly reacted and closed my legs as tigh as they would go, adn hes all like oh man come on and open up, but I didnt! he finally gave up, but instead of just ending it right then and there he undid my pants and thats wheni finally overcame my trama, I zipped up my pants and headed for the door, but he grabebbed my arm adn sadi he was sorry fo rtreating me that way because he could see that I was uncomfotable flashing him, so he wanted to know if he could flash me, I ran to the door so fast but not fast enough because you know when someone calls your name you instantly turnin that direction, well thats what happened to me and when I looked back his pants were pulled down revealing his penis! I bolted out the door but not to fast because I didnt want the teacher or my classmates to know what had frightened me so bad to make me run out of the closet, so I didnt tell anyone.

when I got to my spanish class I was trembling more than a bouncy ball could at full speed, adn my friend ashley asked what was wrong and I told her my dramatic experience, adn she was lke omg rachel you need to report this and I quickly agreed, but I never actually went and told the police on him, or anyone else fo rtha matter. a couple days later sam gave me aletter saying he was sorry of rmaking me feel bad the other day, adn he wanted to know if he could kiss me. he cam inmy art class that day and asked if I was ored and that he could make me unbored, so he went into the closet and whispered come on, no one else knew what we were doing because the art class room was different that other rooms adn I was in the back of the empty room next to the closet. I was instantly reminded of what happened the last time I was in this closet with him, but I pushed those feeling down because I secretly wanted to kiss him too! I went in adn he shut the door, he started to rub on my vagina to ease the tension he could see I was feeling, but it didnt work, he took a step toward me and I took a step back, all the way till I hit the wall which was only three steps from me, but I could start to feel the memories from the other day start to surface and I was gettin scared, and I wanted to leave, but he asked me if he could kiss me, and that made my fears of him go away because I really wanted to kiss him! so we kissed and we kissed and we kissed, our bodies were locked together, hands going up and down each others bodies, the the intense kiss was broke, sam pulled down his pants and he wanted me to feel it but I really didnt want to go that far with him so I said no, and hes all like ok maybe next time. we both left the closet and I felt lighter than air.

for the whole day I was sooo happy, but when I got sent to the office my happiness dissapeared. I wasnt in trouble or anything but my friend ashley had told the police officer what happened to me the FIRST time me and sam were in the closet. and ashley ahd told them everything so I was there just to confirm if it was true, adn I knew I couldnt kie to them so I said it was true. I felt like I was stabbing sam in the back because just an hour or so ago we were making out in the art closet, adn now I had just sentence him to who knows what. a few days later sam was sent to jail for the night then sent to AEP and wasnt allowed back on campus, adn it was all my fault.

its been almost eight months since I made that confession against sam, and I have cried almost evey night since then because I miss him and I know well never be friend s again because we are going to go to court! the new school year has been going on for about a month now and sam is allowed bac at school, but you know that we dont talk because of what I did to him, his hearing is on Oct 1st and the people in charge of the court stuff has reschedualed it in the past but this time I think the date is final. so I dont have to go to the hearin but I will eventually have to go, and now that you know my dramatic story maybe someone can help me. was what he did to me really sexual harrassement?

Answer #1

well yes but if you wanted to have sex but at the same time didn’t just wanted to feel somthing good then it still was but you shouldn’t have told your friend about it until you was sure that you wanted away with sam in his ways of trying to get to you on the campus. Well im sure though sam just wanted to have sex with you in that was it if he made all those appoligies in still did the same thing over in over come on he probilaly didn’t care about you as much as you thought he did but ive felt that way about a girl but i didn’t try to have sex with her i just liked her alot in wanted a sex relationship if you no what i mean not just to have sex but to be boyfriend and girlfriend. but if it happened in you was beginning to like it i think you should do somthing about it because if you don’t then sam will be mad in try to do somthing in return to get pay back for what you did to him.

Answer #2

Yes, that was Rape. Sexual intercorse does not need to be carried out for a Rape to take place.

Answer #3

yes it truly was, but don’t think of it as “what I did to him. “ think” what he did to me!”

Answer #4

wow…long story…answer: yes

Answer #5

Definetly. Your friend was trying to protect you. Sure you like this guy, but he would do stuff that makes you uncomfortale, then apologize, and it would make things okay. Dont worry, you’ll find someone better, or maybe he’ll be a better friend to you. I don’t recommend likng him if you do have a boyfriend though. Don’t cry about it, honey. You were the victim, and it wasn’t your fault by any means.

Answer #6

yes, you liked him and you did want to play around but he wanted to go farther after you kind of already gave him the message you wernt ready for that. Dont worry your not the only person that happened to, but it is pretty serious and your friend was right to tell the police.

Answer #7

yes it was

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