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When you think of the "voice of God" whose voice do you think of. I think of James Earl Jones.

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Walter Cronkite ... whispering

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I think he will sound like a sports commentator, I know this because the other day God spoke to me and said "You were walking to the shop, to buy a bottle of water I believe the make being evian, evian getting its name from the OLD company selling CARDBOARD boxes, but you saw a girl and thought she was pretty but you DIDNT make the move, could be the turning point here he had the chance but DIDNT make the move, lets see how things resume as you come back out the girl is still standing in the same stance funny anough, you think she would of changed her stance but no she has kept it the same, wait there is talking,TALKING!! MAKING HIS MOVE AND SCOREEE"

yes im quite bored lmao

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he actually sounds a lot like my dad's voice...or my grandpa's voice. always soft and gentle

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George Burns...

Say goodnight Gracie...

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Back in my believer days, God's voice always sounded suspiciously like my own.

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HAHAHAHA! good question.

The voice of God when s/he speaks to me:

Bambi's mother

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Stewie Griffin :D

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I think of Chris Cornell...

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