Is vitamin water really worse than soda?

Is vitamin water really worse then soda…? Because I love the XXX kind.

And it said in a magazine that vitamin water is worse then soda because it has more sugar in it.


Answer #1

Your crap has lots of fiber in it. Does that make it good for you?

Answer #2

I Love Vitamin Water Especially XXX But Some One Pointed Out To Me A Normal Bottle Of VW Has Enough For 3 Servings While A Can Of Soda (Pop) Is Only 1 Serving… I don’t know If That Makes It Worse Or Not But I Still Pick It Over Pop, Gatorade, Powerade ECT.

Answer #3

Vitamin water can be good or bad for you at the same time, if you are unactive, and just drink it becacuse then it is probably going to have no use, but if you drink it, and excersise on a daily basis then it should be effective, it also contains vitamins, but not a surplus of servings, anyways.. I do love XXX. lol.

Answer #4

Yes Vitamin water does contain 32.5 grams of sugar but I don’t understand how people think it’s worse for you than soda when soda contains about 76.

Or the 8 fl ounce bottle I have next to me has that much, anyway, Vitamin water doesn’t have such a high amount of caffeine in it and definitely doesn’t have the harmful effects like soda does.

haha, I’m doing a speech on it right now, so that’s how I know all this stuff.

Answer #5

False. Soda has up to 48 grams of sugar in it, when vitamin water only has 13. Like you, I love the XXX kind as well. It’s a lot better then soda. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of it. (:

– Britney =]

Answer #6

vw is deff better! yes a 20oz bottle has 32.5 grams of sugar, but a 20 oz soda can have up to 90! and dont get me started on sport drinks whos #1 ingredidiant is high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor, and fake coloring. anyone who tells you different is getting paid by

Answer #7

lol you guys, vitamin water doesn’t really have all that many vitamins.. it’s just the name of the brand. and yes, it actually is worse for you then soda.

Answer #8

How could it be worse for you when there is “vitamins” in it? I mean how many vitamins are in soda?? I think I could deal with a few extra grams of sugar in my diet as long as Im getting my vitamins. Oh, its cheaper for you to buy a 30 day pack of multi vitamins than buying 30 days worth of vitamin water!

Answer #9

it is better than soda, worse than regular water… I like vitamin water… that’s sad
=( I’ll probably still drink it! lol, its like drugs! haha

Answer #10

any water with calories in it isn’t completely good for you. Not sure if it’s “worse” than soda, but I could see it being so.

The best thing you can drink water wise if you’re not really physically active is regular water(even tap water, as most bottled water, like 90% of it, is the same as tap water) Just make sure the water has 0 calories, because if it has calories, there’s extra crap in it you don’t need/necessarily want.

If you are physically active, 1 gatorade or poweraid a day followed up by regular water is the best.

No matter how you look at it, if you want to be healthy, regular water is the best option, as even gatorade and poweraid aren’t good for you if that’s all you drink.(same with vitamin water/flavored water/any water with crap added to it)

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