Is propel healthier to drink than soda?

Is it better to drink propel that soda my parents told me that it does not matter but they lie a lot to me

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propel is better and I drink a lot of t in the summer because I play softball (catcher) and I get real hott in 95 degres but propel hidates you better than water does because it has specail nutenetd 2 do so

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Yes propel is a better drink but water is always the best. I would suggest to stop drinking soda because it causes cellulite

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The Propel I drink is low in sugar and I would say is much much healthier than soda, perhaps not as healthy as water but if you can't stand to drink water and you will drink the propel (fitness water) I would say that is a great reason to drink the stuff.

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well those gatorade drinks and propel drinks do have a lot of sugar content that actually make you thirst a lot more.=) I think water is better.

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the sugar content in some of those drinks are higher than sodas sometimes, but usually they are better for you! Just compare the ingredients and you will know which is better!

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Propel really does not have that much sugar at all. It has less than juice, and soda without a doubt. And if you are anything like me...I cannot stand water. So Propel would be a healthy alternative to soda.

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Here is some cool info. I used Cherry Pepsi and Berry propel b/c those are the kind of each I drink the most.

Cherry Pepsi Berry Propel
Calories: 260 25
Sodium: 50 mg 70 mg
Carbohydrates: 70 g 6 g
Sugar: 70 g 4 g
Vitamin C: -- 25%
Vitamin E: -- 20%
Niacin : -- 50%
Vitamin B6: -- 50%
Vitamin B12: -- 10%
Panthothenic Acid: -- 50%

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