Where should I visit while I'm on my traveling escapade?

Answer #1

With all due respect, it would help to know what part of the world you’re gonna be in or where you are starting from. We need more info.

Answer #2

I’m from Portland Oregon area, in San Diego as of now.

Answer #3

I’m asking countries and states to visit. I’m literally just trying to travel around and stay in beautiful places for the next few months then i’m going back to school full time.

Answer #4

Come to Australia, we’ve got beautiful beaches and sandy deserts as well as everything in between. Depending on what type of scenery you’re after you’ll find somewhere here you’ll like. Every year thousands of tourists come here and are amazed at our laid back lifestyle and easy going attitude. You won’t regret it! :)

Answer #5

It’s turning winter here now. But if you like cold weather, you can come and visit Germany.

We have ancient castles - lots of them http://funadvice.com/r/15i02j8doeu

vibrant cities - more than you can visit http://funadvice.com/r/bnk0q0ka2m6

beautiful nature, http://funadvice.com/r/15i02j8dqvk

at this time of year, kitschy Christmas markets with Glühwein (spicy hot wine) and burned almonds and stuff http://funadvice.com/r/15i02j8ds1u

historical town centers with timber-framework houses http://funadvice.com/r/bnk0q0kb3qd

thousands of museums, good beer, unhealthy food and parties. If you stay in youth hostels it is not even expensive. The only thing that is bad about Germany is that there are so many Germans here.

But you can come to see me, and I’ll make you a coffee and bake some cookies. :)

Answer #6

Go north on I-5 to Seattle check out that city… and get on I-90 east. Stop in Spokane. Continue east still on I-90 to Bozeman (that’s where I’m at lol) stay there a night and go on to Billings. From Billings take I-90 west to Buffalo Wyoming. Take I-25 from Buffalo all the way down to Denver. That’s a wicked fun town…From Denver, Take I-70 west/I-15 south to Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ll go thru Richfield, Utah shortly before the junction with I-15 south. Of course you’ll be in Vegas for a time… From there continue on I-15 south to LA California. Get on I-10 west into downtown LA and find Highway 101 north. LA is glorious! lol On H101 head north up through San Fransisco along the coast all the way to Tillamook Oregon (that’s a wonderful drive) In Tillamook find Route 6 east to Banks, Oregon. From there you will find Highway 26 east into Portland and back home. That’s a great fn loop to travel, takes about 2 months if done properly. Have fun!

Answer #7

well edit accordingly if you’re in Diego…

Answer #8

Vancouver Island! Alaska! The vast interior of the American West! Costa Rica! Hawaii! Volunteer to help rebuild Haiti!

Answer #9

It should be Shanghai (http://funadvice.com/r/168r8b5cikk) of China, a wonderful entertaining place for exotic travelers, where lots of escapades are available when you are in the bars and pubs.

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