travel tips?

I’m brand-new here, but… here goes:

I’ve turned 40, my husband has left and I’m living up in the Scottish Highlands, without much money., But I’ve alwayds loved travelling and thought that now is the chance!

I especially like hiking in the mountains (we call it fell-walking) and would like to visit places outside the UK. Has anyone got any ideas - not too expensive? I’d like to backpack and just take it at my own speed.

Thank you!

Answer #1

Try zakopane in Poland, it’s got a lot of mountains and hills to walk. I think most of the hikes are easy (I could do them) but overall it’s a nice little town.

Fell walking is that as in Wainwright and the lake district???

Answer #2

Thank you, both of you! I shall definitely look into both Poland and Nepal … this is exciting!

Answer #3

Zakopane sounds good (I know it only from crosswords!) And fell-walking just means hiking in rolling hilly or mountainous country, like the high moorlands in northern England and Scotland.

Back to countrygirl: I know it sounds crazy, but in fact hiking in the Himalayas can be a lot cheaper than traveling in Europe (though Poland is probably still reasonable). You might check out the many, many travel agencies in the UK that do package trips (including hiking) in Nepal, for example. And try to get hold of the Lonely Planet’s guide Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya - is it is a GOLDMINE of information!

Answer #4

The travel expenses going to and from your destination and your lodging expenses make up the majority of your budget, so, the best thing that you could do is to schedule your trip in advance and most preferably on a weekday and during off-peak seasons to increase your chances of scoring lower plane and hotel rates. Depending on your three credit scores and where you stand financially, you can opt to go hiking in Europe just as you planned or search for other places that you can hike in as well, but for a much cheaper price. You can inquire about these at travel agencies. Furthermore, you can even ask about their package trips, so you can have more options that you can choose from. Travelling inexpensively is totally possible, visit

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