Virus on computer

Theres sumthing wrong wit ma computer It found 63 infections. And a-lot of thinggs startes popping up. Sumthing called [antivirus 2009]. Whut do I do?? My internet is making viruses. Please help any-1

Answer #1

the anti-virus thing isnt a virus biut it probably popped up because your computer found some …anti-virus is one thing that can protect your computer from spyware so its probably had anti-virus installed on it …if you have the password for it it will get to work removing the viruses …if not ask you parents if they know the password

Answer #2

One more thing if you really want to get your computer to be really fast and in top shape. Copy and Paste:

Answer #3

You all need to get a mac, I haven’t had a single virus and I’ve had mine for 3 years. Also, you should probably stop looking at porn, that doesn’t help.

Answer #4

mine is having the same problem and I have like a million security thingys to. I just keep scanning my computer and hoping it goes away.

Answer #5

Are you kidding? My computer found 198! Just in one file too!

Just don’t use AVG Free, cause it caused it on mine!

What I would do is buy a PC cleaner at an electronic store…it’ll tell you how your security is, how much privacy is on your computer, so no one hacks into it, and I forget the other thing, but I think its free space.

Hopefully this works for you, and if it doesn’t I’m sorry! :( But I’m pretty sure it will!)

Good Luck! xD

Answer #6

Switch to Linux.

pretty much bullet proof…

and please don’t send me any email attachements :P


good luck!

Answer #7

No need to buy any software at the store when the best ones are free!!

Here is what you do. On your computer desktop click on Start, choose run and type: msconfig and hit ok. Go to the tab that says start up and uncheck everything. Restart your computer.

Most programs do not need to autostart everytime you boot up your PC. All they do is gobble up memory. But from now on if you want to lets say use Yahoo msg you actually have to click on the icon itself for it to start. But you won’t have all that junk running at the background either. You will notice at the bottom where the time is that most of the icons are gone. Those are programs that are always running taking up memory.

Next download the free version of SUPERantispyware. Copy and paste this link for the free version:

When it start the main menu look where it says “check for update” click on that and let it search for updates. When it is done, go to “Scan your computer” and chose complete scan. Delete all the harmful software that it will find. Do this around once a week.

Next go to Control Panel and click on “Windows Firewall” Go to advance and then at the bottom click on where it says “Restore Default” Then from now on when you start a program that requires access it will ask you that it needs permission to pass thru your firewall.

Also whatever antivirus you have always need to be updated like once a week.

Another free program for you to download is “A Square” it is a malware scanner. It may not find anything after the heavy duty “SUperantispyware above but it is good to have both Copy and paste this link for the free version.

Make sure you download the free version and not the 30 day one.

Finally click on Start, All Programs, Windows update and download all the updates for your PC that need to be done. Let me know if you need any more help.

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