Is virgin mobile a good service and how much is their unlimited plan?

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yes virgin mobile is pretty much sprint service (they use sprint lines) i actually have virgin mobile i have the LG Rumor 2 and i love it <3
there prices just went up but the unlimited plan is $55 a month :D

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my friend who had virgin mobile hated it and I have sprint and absolutely hate it. I perfer verizon or at&t.

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Thanks <3 is there another plan that's cheaper, I atleat want unlimited text & web, I don't care much about the calling.

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yes there is i have the $35 plan for unlimited text and 300 talk minutes :D

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thats the cheapest plan that they offer but umm i am pretty sure if you wanna another phone with really good service theres Straight Talk offered at Walamrt and its $45 for unlimited everything :) but mom has it and loves it but the only problem is the memory is limited so you cant take or recieve more than i think 75 photos :D

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