What are your opinions about violent video games?

Do you think violent video games really cause bad behavior in children? Many kids today are playing violent video games, and their parents allow it. They see nothing wrong with it…and completely ignore the ratings “Teen”, “Mature”, “18+”, “13+”..etc… Do you see anything wrong with it?

Do you think that violent video games actually cause bad behavior in children?

Answer #1

It’s a good way to let out your anger instead of taking it out on actual people, you won’t get into trouble. When it comes to children, they shouldn’t even be allowed to be in the room when an adult is playing the game because it can and may just give the younger ones ideas about what they could do when not at home.

If the parent is smart enough, they will keep those types of games out of reach of their younger children and locked up in their room where they can’t find it nor reach it.

Answer #2

It does kind of give them the idea that violence is “fun” and it’s “okay” to do those things. Some children do realize that it’s just a game and it isn’t meant for real life. Sadly, others do not find this distinction and are under the impression its okay to be violent. This naturally creates bad behavior.

Answer #3

I don’t know. I don’t really think that it sends across any message of it being okay. It mostly depends on how the child is raised. You have to set values and rules. I’m just not comfortable with it 100% because I feel like there are some things that kids should not see until they’re older.

The kid I watch is 5 years old and is allowed to play shooter games.. I’m 22 and the game horrifies me. How is anything that’s that scary fine for a child?

Answer #4

If that’s the case, they might as well lock their kids in their rooms from the horrors of the world. Violence and bad influences are everywhere.. tv, music, movies, games, ….Everything. It’s the media.. although I do agree something like Grand Theft Auto might not be good for a little kids to play.. (that’s what the ratings are for), but I don’t think it’s the cause of bad behavior in general. Me and my brother played nothing but gory bloody shooting killing video games when we were little, but we still knew how to behave. It’s about the parents’ and the boundaries they put for their kids. (In my opinion)

Answer #5

My parents definetly don’t ignore the ratings. My little brother is 10 and he plays COD3 and some other gun involved T games. I personally like those violent games because now sometimes I find my brother researching guns and it worries me. Really, it depends on how much violence is in the game.

Answer #6

Well, you know how little boys are, guns facinate them…

Answer #7

Most of them, anyway.

Answer #8

My mom’s hairstylist doesn’t let her children stay in the same room if her and her husband are watching a scary movie OR if he’s or a friend of theirs is playing Grand Theft Auto or some other violent game, she told me that when I played it at their house a while ago (months)

Answer #9

i dont have a problem with violent games… but all i have to say is, “BOY KILLS PARENTS BECAUSE THEY TOOK AWAY HIS HALO…”

Answer #10

I wouldn’t say that violent games and shows promote violence, it’s more of a desensitization. Just the way a guy that passed the Sistine Chapel on his way to work every day for years stops noticing it after a while, people stop caring when they see violence the more they see it, and that’s misconstrued as “thinking it’s okay.” They just don’t care anymore, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll grow up doing all of the things they saw, it just won’t matter so much to them when they see it again. As for Simplychallenging’s, “how the child is raised,” argument, what you let your child watch and play is part of how you’re raising them. If you teach your child that gunning down dozens of people down doesn’t really matter, then they’re going to grow up thinking it doesn’t matter.

Answer #11

Some can induce violence by merly playing them!I suggest put the parental block on them most modern game systems come with that option N E ways.After all children are what they eat

Answer #12

in my opinion is think yes! because children follow what cool things do and crap like that. thats MY OPINION now.

Answer #13

I don’t think that violent video games causes children to be violent, I also don’t think beating up a kid makes him straight. Violent children and adults have deep emotional issues usually stemming from abuse and I certainly don’t see how giving a child a play gun is going to cause him to be a criminal.

However I do feel that ratings are there for a reason. I know that certain children get nightmares etc from games and voilent scenes such as this, so I feel that parents should stick to at least the age restriction.

Answer #14

In my opinion, it’s up to the parents to be more involved in their children’s lives and teach them the difference between what is acceptable in a game and what is acceptable in life. Video games are just games, but kids need to be taught that.

Answer #15

In my opinion, I just think violent video games, that are meant for teens and adults, should NOT be played by kids around the ages of 4-10 years old. It’s just not things they should be seeing at that age.

Doesn’t anyone think it would be hard for a parent to explain the guns, sex, nudity, foul language, and disturbing “gory” scenes, to a 4 or 5 year old? Most young children don’t understand things, so I think it would be hard to explain these thing to it. I just don’t believe a child that young should be seeing those things, why can’t the parents buy them a cool skateboarding game or something? Also, I know plenty of young children that imitate people, or things. For example, if the child hears their parents arguing….the next day, may go something like this. “Tommy, come eat your breakfast before it gets cold!” “No!, I don’t like #!$@!#$ braskfast! Shut up! I am tired of your crap!”….

So don’t you think they would imitate what they see in a video game? The language? Hitting, shoving?

Yes, the parents can discipline them, but sometimes, it’s very hard to get a child to stop saying bad words, if they are used to saying them.

Basically what I am saying is, why go through the trouble of having to discipline them when they imitate bad behavior, when you can prevent the child from ever knowing about such bad behavior.

Answer #16

hasnt studies been done that prove violent computer games dont cause children to become violent. anyroad, you know i hate games that arent violent. battlefield 2 when you shot someone all that happened was your crosshair got a little X on it, boring… no blood no fun.

kids nowadays are stupid, yes i know but their not that stupid to think a game is real as its just a game

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