What are your views on living/moving to Australia?

Answer #1

i beleive it is great, i live in australia my self and it great, soem states are better than others. it a good country , :)

Answer #2

Go Queensland :) The Sunshine state XD

Answer #3

lol i live in qld i think it ok but i grew most of my years in w.a so i like w.a better btu every one has there views :)

Answer #4

I won’t say Australia is a crap country, but I’m not going to say is super fantastic. the upside to living here his that it is apparently more friendlier than the states. I hear it is more laid back here than it is in the u.s, (these are opinions I hear from people who lived in America). the nature of the country is also beautiful. downside, our government is all over the place. they use our taxes to pay for useless things and to fix many mistakes made. we have extreme water shortages, which means no waterfights.. I’m just hoping that you do not see Australia as a stereo-typical country, where everyone can surf, has blonde hair, blue eyes, are in great shape and have a fantastic tan. we are the fattest country In the world. not everyone says “snags on the barbie”. Australia is a very multi-cultural country. if you Do move here, best of luck.

Answer #5

I would love to live in Australia, it looks like a great country! There are some really amazing and unique animals there.

Answer #6

Sounds perty cool, you get to see new things, a new way of living and get new expiriences too. Time to explore(: I would love to go there someday, if you want, then go ahead, it’s up to you.

Answer #7

Queensland, are you for real :-P There are floods, cyclone, massive ugly cane toads. I highly recommend Victoria or Sydney if you want to socialise and enjoy the nightlife and Western Australia a place to work.

Answer #8

I would love to live in Australia, but their immigration rules are pretty stiff. You have to have a really good career or job possibilities, or some horrendous amount of cash in the bank. But being young is an advantage too. Or I’m totally wrong. It could happen. Not often, but yah I am not without error. Plus I don’t know how to speak Australian.

Answer #9

lol, my dad has a job offer there,………. i dont think they really have a language, only ‘street’ words

Answer #10

Yes. Australia is really very beautiful country. specially Sydney, Melbourne etc…

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