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I had a few questions about Australia.. Ok when im older I really really want to live in Australia and I mean any city but whats the cheapest?..I want to stay there For good. I love their country and everything about it.. So I looked it up and it said I need to pass a test abou their country. pay a fee for a passport and stuff. And say their pledge or something? So I was wondering.. Is this all I need to do? Am I missing anything? And no nobody im related to lives their.. And I was thinking of going to college their and getting a job so I could have my own place.. Help me!!!

Oh P.S. Dont worry about me needing to learn english because well I speak it! =P

Answer #1

Sydney is definitely NOT the cheapest city to live in…by a long shot!! There are hundreds of country towns & cities that are cheaper to live in and buy a home.

Answer #2

you got to learn the aussie slang tho =P lol you have to pass the Australian citizenship will need to study abit for that =] and as for the “cheapest city” I guess it would probably be Sydney in NSW..not quite sure on that one. =]

Answer #3

The Australian immigration system is one of the most complicated and stringent in the world. One of the easy ways in is to study there for two years in a good university, you will also need to be skilled in one of the most wanted skills in Australia, which includes doctors, nurses, chefs, and so on. If you have that, then you can apply for permanent residence which will allow you to stay there for as long as you like and work. If I remember correctly, it’ll take another two years for you to be able to apply for citizenship (when you have to go for the tests, etc).

Definitely check out the Immigration department’s website to see your options. You may be eligible for a few options or you may not be eligible for anything. From experience, it’s worth going to a registered migration agent (certified by the Migration Agents Registration Authority - MARA) and ask them for the options available to you. Sometimes their consultation fees are free, or some will charge a small fee. Their actual service in helping you in the paperwork to migrate will be quite costly but very worth the burden of stress, uncertainty, and confusion off you shoulders.

Here’s the website for Australia’s immigration department:

If the link doesn’t work for you, search “DIMIA” through Google, and it will be the first link.

Oh, and about which city’s the cheapest… it depends on a few factors - comfort, city/suburb, career options. Obviously different cities have different opportunities to offer you job-wise, so it can affect as to which state you want to live in. And generally, suburbs is always cheaper than around the city. As for comfort, if you like big city life, or a more quiet slow-paced life, it will affect where you would want to live too, because every state has something different and great to offer.

Answer #4

hello I live in melbourne and I have traveled to all the cities over here adelade is really nice its like a big old town sydney, mmm its a place were you go have a quick look and run like hell its the worst place in aust but any way if you would like to know any thing about this grate place am happy to chat with you I have windows live or just chat via this

Answer #5

TOTALLY agree!

Answer #6

I reckon Queenslands the best place in Aus, it’s green, friendly and not too expensive

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