What are your views about India?

Answer #1

Too many people sardine into one country with horrible, stinky hot weather,dirty drinking and bathing water is what I think of India… Seeing how awful the accommodations were for the athletes leading up to the previous Olympic games plus how many athletes got the stomach bugs (runs) were enough to put me off India for forever. Not a country I would personally visit any time soon even if the I received free air tickets to visit the place.

Answer #2

India from what I understand is vast and there are areas I’m told by people who went there…. that are quite nice. The people, I’m told, are very friendly. However, most of it is very poor and the living conditions very harsh. Honestly, it would not be on the top of my list of vacation choices.

Answer #3

If India is such a stinky place then WTF were you people doing till 1947 in our country untill we throwed you out of our country? Even though you ruined my country for more than 50years, my country has become one of the superpowers in this world.

Answer #4

“Atithi Devo Bhavah” - ‘The guest is God’ taken from an ancient Hindu scripture which became part of the “code of conduct” for Hindu society. Atithi devo bhav regards a procedure of the Host-Guest relationship. Recently it has also become the tag line of India’s Ministry of Tourism’s campaign to improve the treatment of tourists in India

Answer #5

your views about India is completely wrong..Do you know that India was marked as one of the top tourist spots in Forbes magazine?

Answer #6

Could be, I didn’t go there personally to see it for myself. But had co workers who were sent there for a couple of months to train people in India. They traveled back and forth and would tell me about it and the Indian people they were friends with their lifestyles, and the places they went. They said there was very nices living conditions and there was extreme poverty. And that it is true that in certain rural areas of India old practices still exist with regards to how woman and female babies are treated. But that is not true of everyone there.

Answer #7

India is a beautiful country. India has many places to visit.

  1. Kashmir- The Paradise on Earth
  2. Ladakh- The Moon land
  3. Goa- God’s heaven on Earth
  4. Kerala- God’s own Country
  5. Rajasthan- The Land of Royals

these are most beautiful place for visit .

Answer #8

hey thanks bro

Answer #9

i have something to tell u about India. its the only nation where people of many different religions live together, English which is the international language is mostly spoken in this country and many of the English words are taken from Indian language Sanskrit like mother is from (Matr), brother (bhratr), geometry (gamiti), trigonometry (trikonmiti). India has 5600 different newspapers in 21 languages and 120 million people read this. India is third largest counrty having most numbers of doctors, engineers and scientists. it also has the third largest army in the world leaving behind many dominating countries like united kingdom etcetera.

Answer #10

If English is mostly spoken then why is it that telemarketers from India can never understand a f.ucking word im saying?

Answer #11

now u understand my word f.uccccckkkkk off

Answer #12

Hey wanted407, why post a question asking what people think of India, then get angry when people express their opinions. To be honest, India call centres are shocking, the people who work in these call centre have the most patience and get a lot of crap from customers…but ….I agree with LowFatDonuts, some call centre workers cannot understand English very well and when they answer question, they read re-scripted stuff which isn’t really answering the question. I have been on the phone trying to get an query sorted but they keep giving me pre-scripted answers which did not address my queries.

Answer #13

Wanted07, if India was so good, why are so many Indians coming to Australia illegally? If you have so many doctors, engineers and scientists and people speak English so well, why are Indians looking to leave India?

Answer #14

just for money. bcoz there is lots of differnce between indian currency and australian or american. moreover india is a small place with 3288000 km2 area and population is 1241491960. on the contrary australia has 7741000 km2 area with small popultion of 22620600 people. so this way i think u can understand y indians come to austrailia. i think no country is perfct and all have some drawbacks. but still we should respect other countries as well.

Answer #15

Samantha iam not angry. i know about the people where i live. but i didnt like the way lowfatdonuts wrote.

Answer #16

India produces lots of beauties and famous for its computer technology.

Answer #17

India is the great country and it has lot of tourist attraction like kashmir, goa, kerala, shimla etc so that you can enjoy a lot and also the indian people is really honest and kind always ready to help us.

Answer #18

There is no doubt that India is really incredible & Delhi is heart of the country. There are lots of attractive places to view. apart from many tourist places you will delight by amazing hotels near Delhi Airport with full of luxury, comfort & enjoyment.

Answer #19

Um, wanted 407, india is not the only country where people from different religions live together. There are a lot of secular countries in this world and im pretty sure you know that. For eg, nepal (the country right NEXT to india) is also secular. People from different religions live together there as well, if you know what i mean.

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