What are you views on christian metal?

I hear a lot of support for it and I hear a lot of backlash against it, so I'm wondering what your views on it are.

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some are okay like junkyard prophets but others sorta sucks it depends on how u were brought up i guess

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I dont have an opinion on it, its just another type of music. I dont see how christians could be "against" it when its christian bands and the lyrics are obviously god related. Seems like they are just looking for something to b!tch about because its different.

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christian metal? like... UnderOath type stuff?

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Examples would be bands like: For Today, Right Before the Rise, Underoath

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I personally like Skillet and switchfoot never knew they were christian bands either untill way later on.

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i dont think theres anything wrong with it, as long as you agree with the message of the song, then listen to it all you want.

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i think its awesome like musically speaking and im sure if i was christian it would be awesomer X)

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I think it's stupid that they label themselves by what religion they are. That's about it. You don't hear about Buddhist Rap.

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i give them props for being Christians. it can be hard being so famous and out there traveling and meeting so many people and still having faith in God.

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There is no such thing as Christian music, only music with spiritual/or Christian lyrics...just a thought lol

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Love it. I love having bands that I dont have to worry about content. I dont like all the bands, but I do listen to Christian metal and stuff like that :)

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I love switchfoot!

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