What are some good vegetarian meals?

I’ve decided to be a vegetarian, what are some good vegetarian meals?

Answer #1

Im a vegetarian too… I’ve been once since I was around 7 years old. and lol im almost 20…

and honestly…im really not too much into cooking… heres some things I usually eat…

morningstar patty (MorningStar has the BEST vegetarian fake-meat products out there!! they’re sooo good! and they’re soo good for you too…)

…I’ll make a morningstar patty, open up a can of greenbeans, and a baked potato… you can also have mac and cheese…spagetti… you can get creative with salads and stir-frys…

honestly… your best bet would be to get a vegetarian cookbook. being a vegetarian is really easy after a while… you just hafta be doing it for the right reasons…

I honestly can say that I will never eat meat for the rest of my life… its a moral dilemma for me… im not just doing it for the health benefits…

just a lil warning… your body will take time to adjust to your new lifestyle… for the first two months or so its alittle challenging… you just hafta realize that meat is no longer a food. once your brain starts getting used to the idea that meat isnt food, you’ll be fine…

but… even to this day… I still think a steak smells awesome… lol I cant honestly say that I want to eat the actual meat part!!… because I dont. lol the smell of steak makes me crave corn on the cob… mashed potatoes, greenbeans, and gravy that come with it… because like I said… my mind doesnt associate meat with food… yours will too eventually!!!

you made an AWESOME lifestyle choice!!! and you really are making a difference… the average vegetarian saves atleast 100 animals per year on average!!! thats 100 lives…saved.

also… after the first few months, your body will feel the benefits of being vegetarian… its just something you hafta expierence… I cant begin to describe it… :)

and yes. most of us vegetarians get enough protien!!! make sure you get your b12 vitamins too… some vegetarians lack in that… but, if you eat the MorningStar products that I mentioned earlier… they’re fortified with it, so it wont be a problem at alll…

also, veggie bacon=amazing. lol

,…when my sister decided to be a vegetarian, I told her… that until she gets used to it… if she ever gets a craving for meat, go to the PETA website, and watch some videos… I promise your cravings will be gone. lol

best of luck with your new adventure into vegetarianism!!! if you really read into it… your doing your body, the animals, and the planet a world of good :)

Answer #2

You can find lots on the web. Just make sure you get enough protein and vitamin B12. Do you eat cheese or eggs or fish? There’s many levels of vegetarian. I think it’s good but you need to balance your diet. What about milk? If you can do milk, cheese, yogurt, that would help, no animals are killed.

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