What is causing this wet brown spot?

When I go to the bathroom I notice a wet brown spot on my underwear. At first I thought it was from my butt whole. But I then noticed that it was from my vag. Anyone happen to know what could be the cause of this??

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IT could be dried blood. from maybe your period.

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if you haven't ever gotten yer period then thats prbly what it is. When I first got my periond I had a lightish brown stain on my panties and I was like eww wtf but turns out it was my periond. So yah. ^.^

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uhhh, your period..maybe.
Yes, above is right..When blood is dry..Its a brownish color.

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it could either be your period or discharge. discharge can take different form smell and color

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Lol it sounds like the beginning of your period :)

mean if your period blood is kinda brown?
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yeah blood looks brown when dried.

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