Vaginal itching

Why is the outside of my vaginal area itching?

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Do you shave down there? If so it may be ingrown hairs
Otherwise it may be pubic lice, thrush or a yeast infection.
Make sure that you wash well down there but use water or something like Femfresh which won't disturb the pH balance.
It may also just be dryness so you could try something like Vagisil. Again be careful to not disturb the natural pH balance and use only specialised (for the vaginal area) moisturisers/creams.
I suggest going to the doctor, they will be able to shed some light onto the situation.
If it's pubic lice you must wash your towels and underwear throughly and regularily in a warm/hot wash.
Hope this helps x

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you meant be having an infection its best you go see a doctor.remember also to keep it clean down change your pants & avoid washing them with strong detergents.

Vaginal itching on pubic area

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