How do you move on when you have an ex who's in the same school as you?

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Date other people

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One of two ways: Avoid her at all costs or be friends and talk to her . It all depends on how the breakup was. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so if you find another one that will help ya out too.

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I agree with onemandog.. I have my ex in the same class who, due to my stupid teacher, has to sit next to me the whole day! And we can't change seats.. It's been three years and I've never spoken to him. That kinda helped move on but now since I sit with him, we talk a little..

I really like him
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Nothing wrong with some conversation and maybe closure. Nothing worse than hating someone. Thank you

Should I tell him??

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I'll try avoiding coz the hurt fell on my side after she broke my heart

Hes not coming back!!?
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I still "like" her, or did... Feelings rise up when I see or even hear her voice :(

Is he out of my league?

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That's the same thing with me. And it's been three years. I mean I've moved on now but sometimes I still care about him.. U just have to move on..

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Well, you can delete their number, block them on your network sites and just avoid them.

You know that old saying?

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if you love one another it will be hard. there will be jealousy,hate and worset of all revenge but if yous dont then you are pretty much fine with the odd bit of bickering at each other. just try to stay friends and be sound with one another and it should all work out .

Is he gone
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If you loved that person it might be difficult. Just try not to care if that person dates someone else if you two were meant to be with eachother then you will be together.

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