What do you think is the most useless class in high school?

Answer #1

Religion. I don’t learn anything, we only watch movies and I get 100%

Answer #2

I would say that sex ed. “Abstinence only” sex education has shown to be ineffective in decreasing the rates of teen pregnancy and STDs. “Abstinence only” sex ed exists to further Victorian era sexual mores rather than to give kids the information they need for a lifelong healthy sex life.

Answer #3

Mine was Fashion Design. We had to take random extracurriculars to take along with our core classes, and all we did in that class was draw pictures of outfits and watch movies. Total waste of time.

Answer #4

When i was a kid it would have to have been French lessons….Here in the UK most English people at least, have a tradition of not liking the French for some reason?and Welsh ,Scots and of course Germans…and on top of that few Adult British people ever holiday in France….most go to Spanish speaking countrys.So why teach us kids French when all us kids would hear is bad things about them from adults and never even get to use the language…and we are in Europe ,and most of European countrys agree that the English language is the way forward. And French is a difficult language to learn compared to the where we go on vacation Spanish….and Spanish is more widely world spoken……20 years on ,are you reading this Miss Moxen(my old French teacher,((who had a relationship with the female caretaker)) ya see people,even teaching French can be dodgy .

Answer #5

i agree. maybe they should start scarying the cheese out of the kids and not only show them what STDs look like but say how you will die if you have sex. the class should be taken in 5th grade. hahaha! jk.

Answer #6

hahahahaha! Spanish and French are related (the languages). You are right in saying that English is the way forward.

Answer #7

P.E. We don’t learn anything. 3/4 of the time no one even dresses out. I know the class is suppose to get us active but it really doesn’t, if we wanted to get active outside of school then we would. I’d rather take a second math class then p.e.

Answer #8

I learned both, English and French. And I use both frequently. But then… France is only 200 km from here. And English is all over the interwebz.

Answer #9

When I was in school (finished school in 2000), the most useless thing was the computer class.

People out there had graphical user interfaces and were using Word and E-Mail. And what did we learn? Guess? Programming FORTRAN on 1970s machines with green-monochrome screens.

And I am saying this even though I am a computer administrator today! For those who wonder: FORTRAN is a programming language that was outdated and obsolete in approximately 1991.

Answer #10

I’d say teachers should tell kids the truth about sex, birth control, STDs, teen pregnancy and all that comes with it. BEFORE kids start wondering about sex themselves. 5th grade is actually a good time to start. That might actually help.

Answer #11

Hey Elizabeth Tyler…i can now as an adult and with little teaching speak a bit of spanish…it is an easy language to listen too and pick up,and a pleasure to talk,but french is not…related or sedated i aint for it lol

Answer #12

I would argue that FORTRAN was a better pedagogical language than the BASIC used in my first computer science course. At least FORTRAN has subroutines. The next language we used was Pascal. Pascal is a reasonably good language for teaching programming. A few years ago my Alma Mater decided that Pascal should be scrapped. I recommended Scheme because I think it is a darned good language for teaching programming. They decided to go with Java which is commercially viable but has a rather steep learning curve for young programmers. If the discussion was today I’d push for Ruby.

Answer #13

I agree with Elizabeth yet just not as horrible! Haha! Poor little kids.. But teachers should have sex ed classes with 6th Graders and show them STDs and stuff like. 6th Grade is where they will be confronted with so many new aspects in the world. Giving them a cautious route into the evil, evil world.

Answer #14

Teenliving, the class that teaches you how to sow, cook, take care of an electronic baby, -.- OR P.E. At our school, it’s more of a free time, we don’t really have to do anything.

Answer #15

They already tried that. The lessons overrepresented the dangers of AIDS and underrepresented the effectiveness of condoms to prevent AIDS. It made no difference in the rate of teen pregnancy and STDs. Classes should give information rather than misinformation; even if the misinformation is meant to help kids. This is another case of the religious right forcing their agenda on everyone else. They don’t approve of pre- and extra-marital sex so anything that would allow someone to fornicate without risking pregnancy and disease is immoral.

Answer #16

I don’t mean like “Oh hey kids! You’re gonna DIE!” I mean show the consequences of not being careful and accepting the fact they are going to have sex. And because of that encourage the use of condoms and have condom dispensers in high schools. Because a lot don’t.

Answer #17

Um the most useless class I have ever taken in high school so far was computer class. I did crap and I still got an A xD And the most useless I think in general is this class called career search although I’ve never taken it but next year I do and people have told me it sucks, dang it =(

Answer #18

BASIC scared me…

Today all I use is some bash scripting. I had my excursions to Perl and PHP as well as Python.

I think that Python would be a good language for beginners, too. It is basically executable pseudo-code.

FORTRAN I hated.

Answer #19

it easier to list the classes that have point than ones with out

math English science oh and history the only things it’s honestly useful to know about all your guys other comments are electives meaning they have no point other than to fill in more of the 8 hour school day. computer clas are moving to the use full list but honestly in this era you should already understand how to us them. by like age 5

Answer #20

I know french and some mandarin :) French cuz of Canada and Mandarin cuz i lived in China :D

Answer #21

oh well i would have gone with that stragey but then again its me so.

Answer #22

oh and P.E is pretty bad too it’s pointless and at my school every Wensday we have to do some sort of packet or a worksheet or something about the sport we’re playing that week and I thought it was totally pointless I mean the rules were hard and the games are really stupid and weird and it’s hard to keep track so basiclly I do more paperwork in P.E than actually play, which I would rather do than flip packet after packet aobut a sport I’m never going to play.

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