What do i do about my crush and this other girl?

urgh there are two boys I like one of them is handsome and the other ones cute but the handsome one is really not 'brain' or a 'hardworking' kinda person and the cute one is funny and smart but another girl that I ABSOLUTELY HATE AS HELL is in love with him but since she's so childish I dont know if she really LOVES him or just as a friend. I am not pretty, but others say im smart. I got msn and the handsome boy has it too but I think he blocked me. And im not from Europe but the cute one is and the handsome one is from somewhere near europe. WHAT SHALL I DO? please help!

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ANSWER #1 of 2

Mail him. Ask him. Or tell him your feelings?!

ANSWER #2 of 2

Ask the cute guy whether he got MSN.If not,ask him out.^^

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