What are some ups and downs on different cities in Australia?

I’m seriously considering moving to Auz. I was wondering if anybody has any information in the cities, like what kind of people live where, and where are some amazing places you have been to? What places offer good work, and what places have a good all round climate- I’m not too keen on rainy seasons. I’ve been to Sydney a few times but only ever with family doing touristy things. As I am young, yes I’m looking for a place have fun, party, and make friends. I’d rather go somewhere else rather than Sydney though. I’ve been looking at Perth… but yeah I just want some opinions. Even if you haven’t personally gone to Australia, have you got any hints/tips/info for me? Thanks.

- Just to make it clear, of course I will be working or studying full time, I’m not just going over to be on the doll.. When I say ‘party’ I mean have a good time, go out on Saturday night.. meet people.. casual stuff, not get absolutely trashed every night lol.

Answer #1

I lived in a city outside of Brisbane in Queensland a couple of years ago. Brisbane is a fair-sized city I suppose, although there is not much that I found special or significant there. I found it to be extremely conservative as well. It could have just been my experience, but I wasn’t very fond of the people I met there, either. Although I am not good at meeting people so, it could have just been me. Upside? They have lots of wildlife reserves.

Answer #2

Okay, well I’ve been to perth, other than Melbourne. I honestly like Melbourne, its pretty indie here, especially in the city, everyone can be themselves. I think were alright when it comes to clubbing (so I have heard) and there are a lot of bars too (ya know the ones which have the bands perform and all). Melbourne is very multicultural, but you will find a large amount of Asians in the inner city, but that’s okay, because asians are cool. Our weather though is really all over the place. It does get hot though no doubt. But it was actually so cold at Christmas time, that it snowed in mt.buller. apparently everyone from Melbourne dresses in grey dark colours a lot, not sure why.its a busy place to be though. not sure I can answer your question about finding work. I have been to Perth, in 2009 for a week. I must admit, I was disappointed. the city was extremely small, and when I went, there were hardly any people in the streets. the weather is amazing though, very warm. the family we stayed with didn’t even own any jackets because it was so warm all year round they didn’t feel the need to own one. its not very multicultural there, mainly aussies. the beaches are nice, but I preferred Victorian beaches better. my favorite beaches are on the west side of vic, along the great ocean road. fremantle was a very expensive place to shop and dine I remember. out of Perth and Melbourne id assume that Melbourne would be the more expensive place to live. and I think Perth have more pubs than clubs. don’t get me wrong its still beautiful, annd its more kicked back than Melbourne. but I’m always going to be a Melbourne girl <3 I’ve also spoken to people from Adelaide, and they say it is extremely boring there, and when my friends visit they say there is nothing to do. its mainly just wineries there.

Answer #3

Are you aware the living standards in Australia are at the highest level, there are less rental places then ever? Unless you have families scattered around Australia where you can stay or is able to find a job to compensate for your “partying and having fun”, I personally think you will struggle to makes ends meet. The price of foods around Australia is very high, let’s not forget about everyday necessity. . Western Australia (Perth) is the most expensive place to live right now due to their economy boom; Western Australia the only state in Australia that is carrying the country right now. Victoria and New South Wales are great places to live but people there are struggling to find the money to pay thins. Queensland and Tasmania are going through a though time financially……. If you are on unemployment benefits in New Zealand right now (which I hope you are not) I think it would be unfair to move to Australia and go on the “dole” here as there are lots of young people and family struggling to survive….. Of course, if your family has money, then coming to Australia to study should be encouraged and this brings money into the country.

Answer #4

I’m working right now and do intend to work full time over there, I just want to make some good friends. Thanks.

Answer #5

Kind of rude to assume someone intends to move to Australia and go on an unemplyment benefit…

Answer #6

I have a friend who would live in Australia during university holidays and she would work in places where accommodation and some meals were included with the job. Im not sure which parts - slightly more rural places I think, but they were quite social because the jobs were in hospitality. If you are interested, I could probably get some more specific info for you.

Answer #7

Rude? I do not necessarily think my comment was rude, maybe I should have sugar coated the answer to keep people happy? I don’t know about you, but when I answer questions, I step back and look at the whole picture not just the tiny square with roses and glitter and answer the question with as much honestly and real life scenario facts. How many people our age or who are 18, 19, 20 and 21, can hold down a fulltime job currently and can afford to save up enough money and take themselves overseas to study without mummy and daddy’s financial help or the government education funding scheme? My answer is reality and if realistic comments are not permitted as it offends people then it is a sad, sad day. On a personal note I was on holiday in my own country (Tasmania) for only a month driving around in a motorhome and we both end up spending $3000 on a rental home, $2000 plus on food, alcoholic beverages, personal spending etc (let’s not forgetting just normal entertainment cost to get into places) and finally $1240 on our airfare (return). My partner and I both work fulltime and even we found it very expensive travelling around Australia.

Answer #8

How is it being realistic to assume someone is intending to go on an unemployment benefit when you actually know nothing about that person? That is just plain rude. She didnt ask you to give your opinion on whether you think she can support herself, she asked about some good and bad things about australian cities. There is a difference. And actually, I know a lot of people in that age group who have moved countries, either for study or work and who manage to support themselves just fine without assistance.

Answer #9

That would be great if you could get some more info. I’m not sure if I will work or study over there, so I’m open to pretty much anything haha.

Answer #10

Samantha- I really don’t know why you assumed I wouldn’t be working. I’m not traveling around Australia, I will be living in one place, I was just asking if anybody knew which places were the most fun to live. I don’t want to go to a family suburb, I want to go to a place filled with people my own age so that I can have fun in my spare time. As I said, I will be either working or studying full time. Also, I’ll have you know that I’m young and have been supporting myself for quite a while and while I was working I had quite a fair amount of money saved. I’m sorry if my definition of ‘having fun’ is different to yours.

Answer #11

Well I live in Townsville, north Queensland and I’m telling you right now, apart from having one of the wonders of the world on my doorstep, north Queensland doesn’t have anything. All the themeparks and big cities are down south. Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are the main big cities where stuff happens. But… The cost of living is rediculously high. You shouldn’t expect to find somewhere “fun” to live at a reasonable price down there. Good luck!

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