How can I even out my breasts?

Hi. im 15- almost 16 years old, and my right breast is wayyy larger than a 36B, while my left one fits into the bra perfectly! its so embaressing in the summer with bathing suits, and im so self concious if I get a boyfriend and he finds out about this. as well, on the right breast I have streach marks, and on both I have little bumps that are like pimples, that NEVER go away!

can someone please help me?! im so depressed :(

Answer #1

my girlfriends right is bigger than her left too, i have no problem with it. thats the way she was made, time may make them even , but only it can tell. a good guy should judge by that anyways, if he does you shouldn’t want him.

Answer #2

This is a common problem. One day, having a cosmetic operation is really the only way to fix it. Until then, just buy bras and under pads that you can use to even out the visual appearance.

Boys aren’t going to care about this, really. Guys are really understanding and actually very nice about these kinds of things. Just have a sense of humor about it and when it comes time that you have a boyfriend just tell him casually and like it’s no big deal, laugh it off. Attitudes are contagious. He’ll care about you anyway, this is not going to be a problem.

As far as pimples and bumps on your breasts, you need to exfoliate your skin, wash it regularly and try tanning beds. Tanning beds really help reduce acne and skin blemishes. The UV rays dry out the skin of ecxcess oil and help clear out your pores. While you shower, get a loofah sponge and scrub the bumps. Then apply a very light and oil free moisturizer to balance it out.

Good luck! Don’t be too embarrassed by your breasts. Do you know how nervous the bf will be about his ummmm….manly parts? It goes both ways. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Answer #3

I’m sorry, but Juniperone’s response was very uneducated. Advising tanning beds as a solution to getting rid of bumps on breasts is wrong. Tanning beds are HORRIBLE for your skin in the long run. I’d say using exfoliating scrubs with minimal amounts of oil is a good idea. Also, make sure to wash your bras frequently since they absorb bacteria and dirt that can get trapped in your pores. Don’t pick at any bumps because that may irritate and cause inflammation of the skin.

Answer #4

I don’t know if it’s true, but as a teen I heard that massaging your breasts help to make them bigger. I did and my breasts are a full 36C. My mother had an A cup at the age my breasts were first 36C. I have always had more “meat” on me than she had and that might have to do with the fact that my breasts are bigger than hers were, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try. Plus, massaging your breasts is good for circulation, so might as well try.

My right breast is a bit bigger than my left and the nipple points down, while my left breast is a perky pretty thing. My right breast has stretch marks that go up higher on my chest than my left breast’s stretch marks. As a teen, my breasts were more uneven than they are now. They evened out little by little as I got older, so the size doesn’t bother me. It’s that one breast points down at the floor while the other one points straight ahead. When my nipples get hard and my breasts get firm at the same time, they almost look even, but that’s the only time I look normal. Maybe I should get a surgery to make them permanently hard.

As for the pimple-like bumps, just do what juniperone with the loofah sponge and exfoliating with oil-free washes and moisturizers. From one uneven-breasted girl to another: good luck and hang in there.

Answer #5

i wish i knew the answer to that bcause i have the same exact problem. i just put extra padding in with the smaller boob

Answer #6

For the bumps on the skin, you just need to exfoliate your breast. Here are a few suggestions. 1. scrub with a loofah making sure you cover every inch of your skin using the same amount of pressure and rotating movements. Use your free hand to feel places you’ve missed and work on it until it is smooth. I’ve also tried this without lotion using a pumice stone and my breast were smooth and soft for a long time. 2. Make a scrub or purchase on to use every bath or shower. Moisturize everyday morning and night. Massage each breast with warm oils after exfoliating. Use a natural glycolic or hydroxy type lotion to help reveal fresh new skin.

Answer #7

Try wrapping the larger one in plastic wrap. My right is like a 30DD and my left a 30E… I’m working on it right now as well. Also are you right handed or left handed? If you are right handed then it may be because of your alignment and you have have that fixed. A chiropractor can help with that issue. If you are left handed, and that’s why it’s smaller… then try to use your less dominant hand more. You can still wrap in plastic either way. Take Aloe gel, after you go take a shower, and massage it in your larger boob. Then loosely wrap your warm gelled boob in the plastic wrap. Chill for about an hour then take it off and massage the gel left on your skin into your boob. My boobs have always been uneven but they just got worse due to weight loss/gain so I’m working on it too. And yeah, guys really don’t care. I always joke and ask my boyfriend which one is bigger…

Answer #8

id say the best way is surgery I no how you feel mine are uneven too my right is atleast 2 sizes bigger it irritates me so much when my fam makes fun of it I mostly buy the bigger bras and put padding in the smaller side. and dont worry bout your boyfriend mine understands and atually tlks with me bout it sometimes. its so sweet but I no how you feel when they are uneven its like a self esteem thing it sucks a lot but think when you get pregnant or older they should even out atleast thats wht I hope for good luck and let me know how it goes.

Answer #9

honey, boobs aren’t supposed to be perfectly even but if your feeling really depressed about your boobs maybe this will help:

  1. you can rub lavender lotion on the smaller boob to make it bigger. lavender really works!
  2. buy bras that fit your right breast and then sew padding into the left part of the bra. u can do this with swimsiuts too but MAKE SURE you sew in the padding or secure it in very well some other way cuz nothing is more embarrissing than losing a boob pad in front a bunch of hot guys. wishing you more even booobs in the future, -Hayley
Answer #10

does lavender really work? because I have the same problem my left is a size 14C and my right is an A or B I have been using this silicone thing to try and even it out but its hard and sometimes if I get them looking even it canes but I dunno I saw the doc about it she’s says only time will tell but I need something ,please!

Answer #11

I read somewhere that massage makes them bigger so if you do that to the smaller one then they will be the same size. Here is the site on how to massage [link removed]

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