Getting bigger breast if i don't even have cups

How do I get bigger breasts if I don't even have cups and I'm in the 7 th grade?

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haha me and my friends used to wear like three padded bras at a time. pull the straps up&& make the bra as tight as you can. it pushes them together

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youre most likely still growing! so just be patient and wiat you may just develop sloower than other girls.
I was in grade 9 when I finally started and by gr7 every girl I knew could wear a bra and had their periods, but now I have had mine for a while and I wish I didnt lol.
anyways just be pateint they will grow so dont worry.

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sweetie, you are only just going into 7th grade, you are still growing! just be patient and accept you body for how it is, there is no way to get them bigger naturally, they may get bigger if you put on weight. im 15 and still an A cup, my 13 year old sister is way bigger than me, I've just accepted myself for how I am. try using a padded bra.

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what she said but all you ahve to do is that since there is no way to get them to be bigger besides surgery or a water bra stuff like that.

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