Cost of average Doberman?

How much does the average Doberman cost? I really want to buy one and I haven’t seen any puppies for free? I was just wondering

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DO NOT buy a pet store pup…or you’ll end up with much worse that what you might have gotten for free…You’ll have a BIG amount of money invested in a dog, who’s a genetic mess.


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PLEASE adopt! Look on under doberman. I just checked and there are 1,317 available in the united states. you put in your zip code and how many miles you are willing to travel to get one. Do not purchase from a pet store.

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Get on Craig’s List on the internet. Check your state and the town you are closest to. Threre are dogs on there that are free/ All you pay is the S/H. Last week they had 3 dobermans that were absolutley free in Illinois.

Answer #4

Get him from a shelter. Seriously. You know how many Dobermans are killed every year? Thousands. Because they’re big and black and people think theyr’e scary. Trust me, I work in a shelter and the amount of Dobermans we get is staggering. Adopt one. Save a life.

Answer #5

One correction. Puppy shots are not $300.00 that is a mistreatment. I am only correcting that amount because I do not want people to be skipping puppy shots thinking they can not afford them.

Many Vet’s offer a Puppy plan. Price depends on your area. In southwestern Missouri you are looking at a max of $120.00 at an expensive Vet’s office. Puppy shouts may also be bought at the Farm Supply Store and administered by yourself but you will not have a record that way. Remember to not let the vaccine get warm.

The Breeder normally covers the first shot or two depending on the age of the pup when you get it.


Answer #6

I’d think you’d pay around $1000 from a good breeder…PLUS all the expenses pwincezz_irenemarie listed…You don’t want “free puppies”…you’ll be getting what you pay for…Badly bred Dobies can have a lot of physical, genetic, and temperment problems…

There really are, many Dobes in shelters…go to Google, and type in Doberman Rescues…most are purebred, papered and beautiful…or take a walk thru a shelter…put your name in for a Dobe…they’ll happily contact you when they have one.


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good to see so many SMART people on here advising you to adopt! ;) Definitely adopt!!

Answer #8

It matters where you get it from. A pet store’s average price is about $1000. But a breeders may be more or less.

Answer #9

First, the cost for a healthy well breed Doberman puppy will be a minimum of $600 but more likely close to $1000 or more. Remember, even at these prices the breeder is loosing money. A puppy going for less has been bred and raised by a breeder who has cut some important corners. Second, the initial cost of your puppy is small in comparison to the other expenses. It has been our experience that new puppy owners regularly spend twice what they have paid us for their puppy on a single trip to the pet story, buying new beds, toys, and all that. The following is a list of minimal expenses for a new puppy, depending on your veterinarian they may cost more:

Crate $100 Food $180 (6 months) Puppy shots $300 Ear Crop $400 (an much as $1500) Parasite Preventative $80 (6 months) Bowls blankets etc. $70 Bones chew toys $90 (6 months) Collar, tags, and lead $80 Stuff puppy will destroy $?,???

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differs,AKC I’ve seen them as low as 500 or as high as 25000(really). cheapest usually:american dobermans. most expensive usually: Europian dobermans imported from germany, hungary or… .Not so expensive but hard to find british dobermans(smaller than standard full grown probably about 55lb) that not many people want them anyways. average price for AKC around 700-800, full AKC could be a little more. DO NOT BUY AT A PET STORE, they are the unhealthiest dogs on planet for so much money. Just look at their tiny little cages they have to stay in and they even have to pee and poop in there sometimes. that dog will pee and poop in his own crate as well and very hard to take that habbit away. I don’t know about adobting 1 either because I tried to do it when I was geting my own dog a couple years ago, it didn’t work out and even 2 months ago that I was looking for a new doberman it was the worst experience having to wait for the shelters to call you or send you an email. I waited 2 weeks after filling out 3 app(different shelters) never got any answer back from neither 1 of them, call them so many times(had to go through so much to find their phone numbers bcs they usually don’t want you to have them bcs they rather deal with you by emails), they I was totally frustrated and called 1 of the shelters and yelled at them a bit till they told me the dog I was looking for was long gone.That was it. After that I went to my trustworthy breeder and bought a puppy for $1500. that was the money I could’ve spent for the rescued dog. If you want a chihuaha or a pitbull shelters are great but if you want a good bred dobie that wont have skin or hip problems or VWD later on in life you gotta pay the price…

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