How much am I supposed to weigh?

I was at the doctor’s office a couple days ago.. they showed me some growth charts and they said I was overweight >__< ohh btw im 115 and 5’1… :/ I wish I weighed 85ish - 90ish… my guy friends say how heavy I am when they pick me up… gahh . && all my friends are all that ‘ish’ weight that I want to be… :/

Answer #1

you should be 100-120

Answer #2

I am 13 I was going to see what im supose to weigh I weigh between 100-115 it changes all the time also 5”2 trust me you dont need to worry about your weigh just eat healthy and exersize and you’ll be fine trust me

Answer #3

im 13 and I weight 116.. im I fat?

Answer #4

well im 5’9 and I weigh 115- 128 and people keep asking if im anerexic they call me stick they say I should eat more but I eat l eat more then a hog… people are going to say things wether you are fat skinny whatever just like yourself and dont get any heavier just stay yourself!

Answer #5

im 13 5’7 and 115 …maybe you just have a larger bone structure. i have very low self esteem.i was bulimic for a while…but that really didnt get me no where. so dont try that.

Answer #6

Whatever doctors you are going to must be absolutely crazy! There is no way the you are only 115lbs and over weight! I mean I know I am overweight.. but I weigh 189lbs! When you get that heavy, then you can agree with your doctors, but now, just tell them to shove it where the moon doesn’t shine! ~Self Confidence is Key~

Answer #7

Well I’m not sure how much you weigh or what your height is but I’d ask your primary care physician as he/she is more familiar with your current health situation and you can get a better idea of what your BMI is. I’m sure that they can give you information about a healthy diet and exercise plan. Seeing a dietitian–if you can will help as well. Good luck. :) -S

Answer #8

im 13 weigh 100-115 5”2 dont worry about your weigh just eat healthy and exersize

Answer #9

Im 17 and I am 5’3 and I weigh 105 pounds. People say that Im really skinny but I dont think that I am. I dont know what to think about myself.

Answer #10

I am 13 and I and 5’0 and I am way under the weight I am supposed to be…I weigh 85 and it’s not because I don’t eat or anything it’s because I like to play soccer and run and all my friends make fun of me because I weigh that much
so I wish I weighed a little bit more.

Answer #11

I way 55kilos and im 154cm does that make me fat and can you tell me how fat I am

Answer #12

Hi I am 14 years old and 115 pounds like you just a year older you do not look fat at all! and if the doctor told you were over weight skrew him or her obviously they got their doctor’s degree in a cereal box. just dont think about because your healthy the way u r

Answer #13

It sounds like your weight is just fine for your height to me.

85 pounds would probably be an unhealthy weight for you. It is not a healthy weight for most adults. When women drop under roughly 100 pounds, they often lose their period and the ability to have children because the body thinks it is so underweight that it could not support another life.

Answer #14

I went to the doctors a moth ago and he told me I was fat because i have big cheekbones and a big jaw..I weigh 99lbs how can you possibly be fat. you dont look it..hell you look skinnier than i do..just dont think about it..thats all I did.

Answer #15

you are actually over your normal weight range for your height and weight but you have to make sure your not doing it to yourself on purpose. eat healthy, leave the chips, sodas and candy alone. you could ask yourself are you stressed out because your weight fluctuates when stress is around. also puberty does that to your weight. I am having this same problem with my younger sister. everyone says her weight is fine but its those same people who dont think their overweight that end up with all those fat people diseases. no offense to any fat people. they just need to eat healthy. they dont beacuse they dont want to and its sad. im 20 and 118 pds. im totaly healty and happy. I work hard to keep my weight in check because when I get older I wont be using my money to be paying bills. it will be for my future children. I wont die of something that can be prevented. I refuse to. all the othe fat people can but I will alwasy be someone who cares deeply for herself and chooses to be better than im predicted to be. my boyfriend loves going out with me and tells me always how beautiful I am. he sees a fat girl and looks at me and asks me how do I do it. it is hard work but who gives a damn. its not about what people think its about me being internally happy. I know my husband will be happy with me everyday of his life and my kids will follow in our footsteps. I hope you keep this in your mind always. skinny people arent always about trying to make everyone else feel bad. we do it beacuse we care more about ourselves then they do.

Answer #16

wtf? I’m 5’4 90 lbs and it sucks. I look like a tree branch and girls with more weight get WAY better attention. stop flipping out about your weight and just know there are people who have it worse.

Answer #17

im 5’2 and 105 lbs everyone is so friggin tall ghaaa I dunno if im overweight or what :l

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