How much does a typical 3 bedroom apartment or small home rent for where your from?

My fiance always talks about moving but i dont think he understands how cheap the cost of living here is. We pay $600 a month for a 3bedroom 2bath small home.

Answer #1

Where I live, it’s about $300 on average for a 3bdrm, but we live in a small village.

Answer #2

I’m from South Florida. A 3-bedroom in that area, rent would be about $1500 a month. I paid $1,000/month to live in a 3-bedroom in the ghetto.

You didn’t specify whether renting or buying but since you say yours is $600/month, I assume renting.

Here in Durham, NC, it’s fairly affluent, because a lot of people either work at Duke Hospital, so there are lots of Doctors with money. This made property more valuable. Currently , I’m paying $1150 for a modest 2-story with 2 bedrooms.

$600/rent is a steal.

Answer #3

Well I know of a 2 bedroom, small apartment here for about $210 a month. But that was cheap, and I don’t think there is anymore places like that. A trailor is around $600 a month (2 bed, 1 bath)…so 3 bedroom places would probably be more, or about the same..

Answer #4

For me, it depends where it is but averagely about $300-$400 NZD a week.

Answer #5

between $400-600 i think in the Northeast Pennsylvania.

Answer #6

well in BFE - NW Montana I was renting a 2 bed / 1bath trailer house for $650/mo. Average 3bed / 2 bath house for renting goes for anywhere from $700 to $1100 depending on age and location.

But you know if your looking to settle down in one spot, after going though a USDA Rural Development loan I’m paying $714/mo for my house I bought(3 bed/ 2 bath split level about 3 year old), that includes everything - Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance.

Answer #7

And PS: Wow $600 a month is really good. I would stay where you are!

Answer #8

Here in Canada the price ranges usually depend on what the landlord thinks is ‘fair’. Their definition of fair usually depends on which area the apartment or house is in. For example.. in a small town you’d probably pay $750-$900 a month, plus utilities. In a city, usually it’s anywhere from $1,000 a month to $1,500 (plus utilities). If it’s in a good part of the city and has close bus access, usually it’s closer to $1,500. Houses are generally more expensive than apartments, though.

When I was in college, I lived in the city and had to pay $440 a month for one bedroom, with the other living areas (bathroom and kitchen) being shared by 2 other girls. We had no livingroom or on-site laundry. I guess you have to shop around for a few months before moving, though, if you want a real good deal.

Answer #9

Oh and if it helps that 2 bed / 1 bath trailer house I was renting with a friend cost a total of about $1100 a month for the rent + utilities & cable TV/Phone/Internet.

Answer #10

really, where do you live???

Answer #11

on average, about $800 I live in FL

Answer #12

Go small villages!

Answer #13

In Miami between 1250-1500 (you’re looking at a middle-class neighborhood)

Answer #14

The cheapest I’ve ever seen was $1900, but typically you’re looking at a range from $2500 to $3000/month.

Answer #15

I am SO moving to your town!! lol

Answer #16

right or somewhere that’s just as cheap lol

Answer #17

Virginiatown, Ontario

Answer #18


Answer #19

In a city in central PA I was paying $650 (plus utilities) for a 3 bdrm townhouse in a deteriorating neighborhood.

Answer #20

dont forget their money is worth more than ours!

Answer #21

about 1,300… get a mobile home there much cheaper u just gotta find a lot that u dont have to pay a lot but its way better then renting thats forsure

Answer #22

three bedroom places here are fairly expensive for the city in general, since for some reason, a seven bedroom house here is really really common, whereas smaller places are quite rare, and they are often more expensive then a four or five bedroom house which is crazy. Last year I lived in th most disgusting three bedroom house ever, and it was $1000NZ a month - still pretty good, especially shared between three people, but it was a horrible place

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