What are the pros and cons of renting a mobile home in a mobile community?

I'm trying to move this month and for all those who want to know i've decided to keep my baby. I've tried looking for apartments in the city of milwaukee where i currently stay and I'm having no such luuck. the building i'm staying in now is not suitable or a safe environment for my baby who will be born on feb 3rd, 2012.
I've never rented a mobile home before but have always wanted to. I just don't understand the procedures that i'd have to go through to making the payments on the property. What is Lot Rent? How do i pay the rent exactly? What is property tax? can anyone help who really knows the 411 on mobile home renting.

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Con....blowing away in a tornado

property tax in most cases is included in the monthly lot rent that they charge you to park there then you pay to hook up electric, gas, water cable all that good stuff

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My best friend lived in a mobile home for a long time. Its not to bad. Plus most the time you get a lot of your hook ups for a single fee, like cable, electricity...ect. But most places do not rent you the mobile home just the spot to put it. You have to have your own. A nice one can cost a lot, still way less then a house tho. A lot of nicer places for there long term spots even give you small yards or things like that. The downsides are there normally very small. Also your very close to a lot of people. Plus most mobile homes do not have laundry in them. Most parks do but you have to walk or drive to them.

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