What type of things CANT you put in a microwave?

Answer #1


Answer #2

cds, eggs, all fun to put in the micy tho:P

Answer #3


Answer #4

non-edible thingsss?

Answer #5

wow bailey !

Answer #6


Answer #7

idk morg, you know me… i say the first thing i think of… aha people, techically you couldm but you gon ned a biiiiiiig microwave

Answer #8

foil and silverware

Answer #9

Aluminum foil.

Answer #10

Hamsters :(

Answer #11

-Marshmallows -Eggs -Metal (forks, spoons, etc..) -Aluminum foil -CD/DVD’s -Whole fruits -Tooth picks -Matches -Soap -Hot Peppers -Dry sponges -Light bulbs -Fine China -Whole vegetables

Answer #12

I learnt that the hard way:( BANG**SPLAT Bye Bye Hamster:(

Answer #13

dogs and plastic explosives (at the same time or separate) i learned the hard way (not about the dog that i heard a news story about a woman who tried to dry her dog in the microwave)

Answer #14

yay matches and light bulbs :D

Answer #15

Cell phones =(

Answer #16

very tempted to put marshmallows in the microwave x)

Answer #17

omigawd ! D=

Answer #18

Nnnnnnoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?! Squeakers!!!!!!!!!! Sobs =’(

Answer #19

You can cook eggs in a microwave? And whole vegetable?

Answer #20

i did that once :(

Answer #21

thats horrible ! nd completely stupid.

Answer #22

If you put an egg, or a whole vegetable in the microwave, they will explode. You either have to poke holes in the whole vegetable, or cut it up into chunks.

Answer #23

should of seen the fukin mess the little bugger made of the micy.

Answer #24

I don’t mean a bowl of the egg yolk, and white…I mean a whole un-cracked egg.

Answer #25

the worst part was when the cat jumped in to catch the hamster and the door slammed shut and somehow the microwave truned itself on>:D

Answer #26

Yeah…Ally not smart sometimes =(

Answer #27

You can actually put a whole egg in water and cook it in the microwave. You just need vinegar and salt. And yeah it needs to be poked, but you can still put the whole vegetable in…

Answer #28

Yeah, lol, I just meant you can’t just sit an egg, or a whole vegetable in the microwave, because it will explode once it gets so hot.

Answer #29

Aw poor Squeakers =(

Answer #30

hes ok, but hes in bits over what happend:P

Answer #31

same here lee not smart. after i put t in there i put it in the freezer. well i needed a new phone anyway so yeahh it was a boost mobel pre paid. now i a plan and a blitz verizon phone soo im all good :)

Answer #32

You can put marshmallows in. But you want to do it on a layer of crackers or something, because it’s practically impossible to get off of plates. And it expands A LOT, so you have to account for that too.

Answer #33

Lucky…gotta get a job so I get a phone and pay the bill….ugh wish me lucky on that =/

Answer #34

Yeah, again…I mean just sticking it in there. Sometimes they explode, and make a huge mess. :P

Answer #35

Jawbreaker candy. The different layers expand with the head in different levels, and with the tiniest bit of pressure, they explode. There’ s a little girl somewhere in the US with scars on her face and all the way up her arm from it.

Answer #36

plastic,petral…..petral in a balloon

Answer #37


Answer #38

im staying away from you now. you put people in microwaves.

Answer #39

wOw !

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