Which type of movies do you think are better Harry Potter movies or The Twilight Saga?

Answer #1

Harry Potter, by a landslide.

Answer #2

the twilight saga, but i don’t watch the other movies.

Answer #3

Harry Potter. For the sole fact that it has a PLOT and the movie doesn’t feature naked men 90% of the movie.

Answer #4

Harry Potter. Hot, British, First, Magic, and has actual sequels :D

Answer #5

Harry Potter, definitely…It’s an unfair fight for Twilight lol.. I love Harry Potter.

Answer #6

I like twilight better, they are romantic….never got into harry potter :P

Answer #7


Answer #8

You love a good naked man scene. ;D

Answer #9

Lol, not with Taylor Lautner. He’s got uneven nipples. xP Lol.

Answer #10

twilight is way better

Answer #11

Twilight Saga cause I just find it more interesting. Harry Potter is sometimes kinda boring for me

Answer #12

Twilight. Now the books are a whole other story. Let me explain. Stephanie Meyer has good ideas but she’s not the greatest author, character depth, plot, etc, not very developed. Harry Potter on the other hand is on a whole other level (I dont think it would be fair to compare the two). I think because the movies were much better than I expected with Twilight, I enjoyed them more. The movies couldnt live up to the books in Harry Potter. So I think it’s more of a subjective thing.

Answer #13

hmm, i would say…………………………OH! i really really liked the new Allice in wonderland!

Answer #14

Harry potter .I’m sorry , but vampires are supposed to be creepy night-stalker creatures who feed on human blood , they’re not supposed to be teen-age hotties who care about human’s feelings xD

Answer #15

the twilight saga my brother kinda burned me out of harry potter

Answer #16

really like both, but for both cases, the books are WAY better

Answer #17


Answer #18

I like both, even though I don’t watch either.

Answer #19

Harry potter, because it isn’t just a bunch of hurried vampire-{killing the image} teenbopper cr*p

Answer #20

movie wise - twilight… i find the books more thrilling but i’m never dissappointed when watching the movie, after reading the books…. perhaps cause the characters are engaging ;)

harry potter on the other hand… the movies don’t always keep me on the edge like the books do!! something about the movie just dosen’t attract me… perhapse it lacks hot guys :P

Answer #21

Harry Potter for sure.

Answer #22

harry potter….twilight saga is too over.rated

Answer #23

Wow, does he? I’ve never seen any of the Twilight movies. Taylor is the spanish guy, right?

Answer #24

Lord of the Rings.

Answer #25

LOL he’s not spanish. I think he has more Native American in him

Answer #26

Haha :D

Answer #27

Harry Potter deffo.

Answer #28

He is half Native American. :P And I saw his uneven nipples during the movie. Don’t ask how I even figured out that they were uneven. Lol.

Answer #29


Answer #30


Answer #31

Ding fries are dong.

Answer #32


Answer #33

Hahaha! ding fries are dong XD

Answer #34

Yes! They’re dong!

Answer #35

am i allowed to vote that both are crap?

Answer #36

Well I voted Lord of the Rings…

Answer #37

“Cause you were staring at his naked body that was glistening from all the sweat. :O Perv.

Answer #38

He doesn’t sweat in the movie though. And how can you NOT notice it, he’s shirtless 90% of the movie. :P

Answer #39

i like them both bt i thnk harry potter is betta

Answer #40

Twilight has a plot, the books do anyway, the movies are a joke. Talor Lautner’s blatantly on steroids, Robert Patterson can’t do an American accent and Kirsten Stewart looks like she’s just cr**ped her pants hald the time.

Answer #41

Oh, and Twilight movies are gripping tales of suspense? If Meyer beats Rowling, I’m a leprecaun

Answer #42

o ya

Answer #43

HARRY POTTER!!!! (even though my dance teacher thinks it’s dangerous.)

Answer #44

That’s what with all films in most cases. The books are better. Twilight is balls though :)

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